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This is a phobia
by: Anonymous

What people tend to think with phobias is that they're going mad. They're not. Phobias were originally our inbuilt mechanism to recognise danger. However, since danger is greatly reduced from the time when we roamed the earth in bearskins hunting for food & sleeping in caves or under trees, our brains have kept themselves busy with other things that then become what we now know as phobias. While some phobias (such as heights) have logic behind them, others seem crazy to us, even though they can give us physical symptoms that can make us feel very ill. However, the phobia only becomes a problem when it severely disrupts a person's life. I you feel this is taking over your life & is making you miserable, please seek help. You're not going mad at all. Our brains sometimes play tricks on us leaving us wondering if we're going mad & phobias are just one of those tricks. Please seek help. If you're concerned about a doctor's potential reaction, take someone with you who you trust & who can confirm the effect this is having on your life, so they can help give the doctor an understanding of what's going on. I used to be very ill with phobias & I'm now fully recovered. If I can do it, so can you. I'm on venlafaxine (known in the US as effexor) & it gave me my life back. You can have your life back too. Please get help.

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