fear of Vomiting

by Gail
(Glasgow, Scotland)

I have had this fear of vomiting for many many years. It has stopped me from alot of things. I get in the car and suddenly feel sick, in the shops, goin to friends, at work,especially out for dinner. This has lead me to have the most awful panic attacks for many years too.

It really has taken over my life. I dont go out much I can only work part time, I walk to work as I hate public transport it makes me feel sick. I een take anti sickness tablets 3 times a day. I drink gaviscon by the bucket load too.

My bag is like a walking chemist store.If some says they feel like then I instantly think oh no I will be too. I dont eat alot as I hate to feel full and feel sick and bloated. I also suffer from lactose intolerance.I need help please.

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