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by: Anonymous

It is really good to read this page and to actually see that there are people that share this phobia. I am the same way, when I feel I have to throw up My heart starts beating really fast, I cry, I panic, I call my mother into the bathroom with me, I even scratch myself because it helps me to not think about throwing up. I HATE IT!!!! I wish I wasn't like this. If I didn't have this phobia life would be somewhat easier.

Your Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I am the exact same. I have a terrible fear of throwing up. I will go way out of my way to avoid it for me or from someone else who may do it. The worst time for me is winter because that's when the stomach flu is rampant. I hate being around sick people in the winter or ever,and I always ask what's wrong with them to see if puking is a part of it, so I know if I should be around them or not. I hate when people come to work sick. I even take shallow breaths around them so I won't inhale their germs. I was terrified when I became pregnant. Came close to throwing up but it didn't happen. Im scared to get pregnant again though. I run away from my child when she's sick and won't eat till she's better. I really need help!!!!!

we are not alone
by: anne-marie

As i sit here writing this im nearly 8 months pregnant, i suffered terribly for the first 4 months but managed not to allow myself to puke. When i feel sick i shake like a leaf my palms sweat and my heart races. Im not sure how it started for me as i cant pin point any major puking experience,ive felt this way since i was around 7years old. I realise im not alone but i dont have any close friends like myself, for example ive never been drunk not even tipsy unlike most people i know, i do eat quite well unless 1 of my children has a bug {i have 2 aged 12 and 8} then i will starve myself till they are better and hope for the best! Im scared of the new baby catching illnesses and realise i need help and fast.

by: Naketa

Oh my gosh!!Finally someone who is suffering just like me.i use 2 think i was crazy,but im scared to death of throwing up if somebody around me is sick I dont go near them im also scared to eat alot thinking that im going to get sick,When i feel sick my heart beats rapidly i cry,run,and flat out PANIC! I really need help i have been dealing with this for many many years im 26,and i threw up for the first time in about 12 years,about a year ago,boy did i think i was gonna die! My sister's husband is 28 and he said that it is impossiable for him to vomit,and that he hasnt vomit since he was 12..How is that?

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