Fear of vomit.

by Kourtney

I dont know but every time when I was younger and someone were to puke i would start panicking and sometimes even crying then later when i'd go home and have nightmares about it. I dont know how it started but I hate vomit so much, I dont use used things like clothes or cars because I have such a bad fear that someone has puked on them before. I haven't puked in so long and I'm also constantly thinking if I were to throw up in front of everyone,and then panic. I still remember each time someone puked in my class in elementary and what it looked like because it affected me so much and I get chills every time I think about it. I dont know how I got this fear or where it came from, because I dont remember having any thing that could have caused me to have this fear, but its one of my fears and it makes me who I am. The girl who fears vomit. haha.

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