Fear of vomit.

by kate
(norwich, england)

I have an irrational fear of vomit. About 3 years ago a girl was sick at school and i freaked out. i went home and cried for a few days and felt sick myself. i couldn’t do anything for about 4 days.

And when i finally went back to school another girl was sick. i freaked again and then couldn’t go back to school for about 2 months. Since then I’ve had this awful phobia. i have avoided places and situations where someone might be sick.

I wont go to theme parks, on coaches or buses, i struggle to travel in other peoples cars-and if i do i cant relax. if someone coughs i think they'll be sick!

I once went to a big party where people had been drinking. one girl was sick and i freaked out and had to go home-i paid £27 for the ticket and had to leave for such a ridiculous reason.

Now I’m trying to find a cure. i have a big hockey match 2 days from now and i am forced to go in someone else’s car with people who might be travel sick-i don’t know-but I’m freaking out already. I can’t get there otherwise ad its a big match.

I have had loads of therapy sessions and everything but nothing helps. i am considering hypnotherapy now because its ruining my life.

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