Do You Suffer From Fear Of Vomit?

Fear of vomit or emetophobia is quite a common case. You are either afraid of vomiting in public or you feel sick to see other people vomiting in front of you. Sufferers of emetophobia are generally referred to as emetophobes.

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It is as a child that you start suffering from emetophobia and by the time you have grown up even the smell of vomiting seems terrible to you.

Some psychoanalysts are of the opinion that an incident of vomiting due to child abuse or food poisoning can be identified as two major reasons for being apprehensive about nausea or queasiness.

The link between nausea and phobia
When you have phobic attacks you may experience nausea as one of its significant symptoms. For example if you tend to suffer from acrophobia or fear of blood, you may feel like vomiting when you look down from a height or at the sight of mere bloodshed.

However, it can be the other way around. When you see someone vomiting you feel so irritated and uneasy that you just cannot stand the situation. At such circumstances you may feel like vomiting yourself or run away from the situation.

How can you identify an ematophobe
Mostly ematophobes do not let others have an idea of their vomiting tendency. They can finely conceal their inclination by making several excuses and avoiding multiple situations in life.

There are several individuals who do not favor to travel in public transports because of their feeling of nausea and queasiness. They prefer to drive their own vehicle. Thus, you will come to find many people going by car while the other members of the group are traveling by bus or rail.

If you have fear of vomiting, you may not want to go out in-group to have a scrumptious feast. This is because certain food items, which do not seem problematic to others, may make you feel like vomiting. Therefore, to avoid having such kinds of food you drop the idea of going out for dinner with others.

You may also worry about food contamination leading to nausea and stomach upset. There are some psyches who even would like to inspect the kitchen before ordering the food.

You may also have the fear of vomit in taking certain drugs and pills. Thus, you always like to have a look at the several side effects of any medicine before having them.

Do you know that there are some women who do not want to become pregnant only because they have the fear of vomit and have the trepidation that they may suffer from nausea and morning sickness?

If you have the fear of vomit you may at times become overzealous and prefer to lock yourself up in rooms to avoid germs and infections.

If you have emetophobia you usually don't like visiting patients in hospitals. Even if you go to the hospital, you tend to sit away from the patient in front of an open door or window. You avoid picking up things and licking your lips. Such things you do in order to elevate the risk of having infections and being attacked by several ailments.

Usual symptoms of fear of vomit

  • You suffer from a psychological instability

  • You have dry mouth

  • You shake and tremble unnecessarily

  • You experience breathlessness and dizziness

  • Your are far from reality and suffer from full blown anxiety attacks

  • You feel sick and disturbed and your heart stats beating fast

  • You are not able to think properly and you sweat immeasurably

  • You always feel as if you are to die

How to treat fear of vomit with the help of self-help NLP techniques
NLP self-help technique is the safest and the quickest way to provide relief from fear of vomit or emetophobia.

It's just a matter of 15 - 30 minutes and NLP self-help techniques will no longer make you experience a hell of a time by vomiting and feeling sick all along.

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