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The fear of vomit, or more clinically, Emetophobia is one of those fears in a person who hates to vomit or be around a vomiting individual under any circumstances.

To its attack fall chiefly two kinds of people - the ones who fear in vomiting themselves out, and those who feel extremely jittery on seeing their immediate neighbors disgorging.

The causes of Emetophobia
The emetophobes, those suffering from the fear of vomit, generally have their phobia sourced from some childhood traumatic incidents, causing an emotional imbalance, or may be due to some bitter experiences of having seen someone badly vomiting.

However, there may not be any particular reason for the disease at all.

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Some common symptoms
Emetophobia, or the fear of vomit, carries with it various symptoms as a cue of the attack. Some of these involve a consistent feeling of nausea; a suffocating sensation; extreme anxiety accompanied by impatience and constant perspiration; rapid heartbeats, and a feeling of being ousted from the common world.

How to deal with Emetophobia
There is absolutely no point in thinking yourself as the secluded one to undergo emetophobia. Multitudes of people around the world are suffering from such not-so-common ailments, as the fear of vomit.

Though there is no such medicinal cure for the perturbed condition, yet, there are a few therapies, counseling and talk therapy, where the victim is attended upon by expert, keeping tracks with the source of the fear and gradually making way for the recovery.

Yet these methods have been found out to be quite time consuming, and the results of the treatments are solely dependent on the efficiency of the healer.

However, it must be remembered that ''Self help is the best help''. So the best way to keep these attacks at bay, is by following the NLP Self Help techniques.

A Self Help Neuro Linguistic Program is considered as one of the best ways to deal with such mental blocks, as the fear of vomit, by helping in the resurrection the person's psychological status and thereby curing the fear and building back his lost confidence.

In this method, you do not seek help from others; rather by working upon your own weaknesses, you can actually regain back your lost freedom, to live and enjoy life healthily, devoid of all fears.

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