Best Ways To Eliminate Fear Of Vomit

Fear Of Vomit
Have you ever felt that discomfort to see other people disgorging before you? If you have, then you are definitely an emetophobe – this means you are a sheer victim of emetophobia.

Jan Heering

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Are you foodie? If so then you may have faced situations in life when you had problems with digestion leading to acidity and nausea. These may be times when you felt that you feel like vomiting but you cannot – you really cannot because may be you hate to vomit.

If this is the case, then once again you are a victim of emetophobia.

When does the phobia start?
Nothing can be definitely said for fear of vomit may have its root in the childhood when you saw your parents suffering from the phobia and you developed the same.

However, you cannot just land up with a single cause of emetophobia for reasons for the discomfort can be several. In fact, emetophobes go on wondering that why do they at all have this fear.

One reason can be that when you vomit, immense pressure is exerted that makes your chest and stomach ache badly. At times, you cannot even stand, as the ache is so annoying and agonizing. Thus, having a vomiting tendency the next time surely makes you feel all the more nervous and panicky.

How to spot a person suffering from fear of vomit

It is hard to spot one having fear of vomit as emetophobes can perfectly conceal their abnormality by trying to avoid situations which can make them feel nauseous. You may often see that people who have emetophobia avoid a mountainous ride because traveling on rough terrains makes them feel sick and queasy.

What does an emetophobe tend to avoid

  • A person having fear of vomit avoid traveling in public transport

  • Emetophobes are very choosy about foods especially when they are eating outside. Some emetophobes even go to the extent of checking the kitchen before ordering for the food.

  • Emetophobes only go for medications after they have gone through the probable side effects of the procedures and medicines.

  • Emetophobes do not even want to get pregnant because they are extremely afraid of morning sickness.

  • People having fear of vomit want to stay socially isolated because they are always afraid of infections and diseases, which may make them feel queasy and uncomfortable.

  • When people having emetophobia visit hospitals and medical centers, they sit away from patients in a place very close to the door or the window. They do not even feel like licking their lips or reading magazines because they have the feel that whatever they touch can pass on germs and infections.

  • When those having emetophobia go to restaurants, they start checking the food to see whether they have been properly cooked or not. They even look for insects in salads and tend to check the chicken whether it is fresh or stale.

  • Moreover, emetophobes do not like using public toilets and they feel extremely sick and queasy.

When you have fear of vomit, you tend to eat less and thus often become under weight and physically weak.

Symptoms of fear of vomit
Some of the most common symptoms of emetophobia include dizziness, excessive sweating, feeling sick, heart palpitations, fear of dying, fear to face the reality, full blown anxiety attacks, breathlessness, dry mouth, nausea, shaking, inability to speak and think clearly and behaving in an abnormal and insensible way.

Role of self help NLP in treating emetophobia
Though there are several treatments of emetophobia, self-help NLP undoubtedly rules with its set of specialties.

NLP helps you reprogram your mental construct and cure your condition of fear. Self-help NLP is always the best option as it only cures without causing any harm.

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