Fear of Velocraptors (Jurassic Park) and crocodiles

by Nelly

So it started when I was 7 and I was watching Jurassic Park at a friends house. I went home a few hours later and realised that I couldn't get to sleep and just had this image of a velociraptor sticking its head through my bedroom doorway. What is ridiculous is that they aren't alive anymore but I had insomnia for 3 years straight and then when they eased off it turned into usual nightmare occurrences.
To this day I still can't watch Jurassic park without pulling a blanket over my head nor can I look at the forest, jungle or woods the same way.
Well when I was younger, Steve Irwin was my role model and I admired him for his bravery with crocodiles. After he died I realised just how dangerous everything he was doing was and I cannot get into a lake, river , creek or dam anymore in fear of being ripped apart and eaten.
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