Fear of veins/ wrists

by Bri
(Ny, ny)

Hi my name is Bri and I'm 15. Im super disgusted by wrists/ veins. I hate it so much (to the point where I feel nauseated) when people sit with their writs and veins all piped out. You know when people hold their heads and their wrists and veins are sticking out ? I once saw a picture of slashed wrists when I was about 5 it was extremely graphic (I'm cringing and feeling sick just writing about it) and I think that's when my little phobia started. I try to keep it a secret because mom and dad say I do it for attention. Truthfully theses things scare me and most of all disturb me to no end. I truly hate it. I also hate myself for being so distraught over nothing. Thanks for listening! Also I'm going to get over this! I force myself to look at my wrists and veins. We will overcome! I believe it! Do you?

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