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fear of wrists
by: Anonymous

They scare me so much! I don't know how people can self harm on their wrists with their beins their, I'm getting shivers just writing this! But it all started in primary when my friend saiid to me 'if your veins pop then you'll die' and I'm going to stop because I feel weak and dizzy and sick writing this

by: Anonymous

The word arteries freaks me out, but that is not my problem. What it is happens only with my wrists. I always wear long sleeve shirts because if anything scratches my wrist, I'd probably have a nightmare.

by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Every time someone talks about their veins or shows them to me I instantly get horrified and I start breathing harder and feel like I'm going to faint.Does anyone know what kinda phobia that is?

Relieved.. but still scared!
by: Anonymous

I am petrified of veins, blood and needles. Even writing those words make me feel faint. I have fainted since I was 4 years old when I first cut myself. Now, I faint on a regular basis, especially if I am watching a film that contains blood or anything. I can't deal with it at all and before I know it my legs feel like jelly and my heart beats really fast. As soon as I see blood or have to get my blood taken, I freak out! My mum gets really annoyed with me and my friends joke around and talk about it until I can't deal with it anymore and have to walk away. It makes day to day life very hard and this phobia is constantly in my head wherever I go and can sometimes cause panic attacks! I need solutions!!!

How do you guys get a blood test?
by: Anonymous

I have venephobia with my arms, like where the elbow is. I'm getting sick just thinking about it. I hate when things touch my arms or the back of my knees. I also love to be covered with long sleeves n something that covers my neck. I'm glad I'm not alone!! But I have to get blood work done next week for health insurance and I am already feeling anxiety. Last time I got blood work I cried hysterically. Your tips would be greatly appreciated

I also have a fear of veins....all veins!
by: Anonymous

I have had venephobia ever since I was little.

It doesn't help that I am a diabetic and have to have 6 monthly blood tests!

Whenever the letter arrives through the post, telling me that my blood test is due, I literally feel sick, dizzy and "squirmy"

I have made and cancelled numerous blood test appointments, and when I finally pluck up the courage to go, I try to focus on something else, sing to myself, ANYTHING, but I always end up feeling sick, faint and usually end up lying down with my legs higher than my head....very embarrassing!

I can't think about or look at "them" without squirming, feeling hot and clammy and anxious.

The only thing I can think of, why I may have this phobia is from seeing my mum's varicose leg veins "explode" when I was 5 years old. My mum was very calm but all I can remember is hearing the "hissing" noise and seeing the blood all over the bath and wall.

I am fine with the sight of blood and needles. ( I have to inject insulin 4 times a day and have LOTS of tattoos and piercings and I feel perfectly fine with all of this)
It's just the thought of "one of those" !!!

Is there any way I will ever get over this's controlling my life and as I NEED regular blood tests to monitor my makes it even harder :(

by: Anonymous

thamk god there ate more people!my wrists bother meso much and I wear 1 bracelet but I'm on the verge of takeing it off.people toture me when I tell them by sticking their wrists out right in front of my. o my god I'm about to puke and faint

the "v" word
by: Courtney

I have very bad anxiety. I can't even say the word vein out loud without getting literally sick. I'm not exaggerating. My wrist start to tingle and i keep obsessing about it and thinking about it. It makes me feel light headed and turns into a panic attack. whenever I see them or even hear about them, the thought of them will bother me all night.. I've talked to many people about it and none of them seem to understand. Am I crazy??

I hate this and I seriously need a doc.
by: Carina

Like all of you, I thought I was the only one with this fear. I don't know how it started, but I noticed something was going wrong when I fainted in my hairdresser when they're were only TALKING about veins - I was 8 years old. Today, I recently turned 18 and my arms, hands, knee backs, wrist and head still hurt when I hear conversations about veins, or if I see it, or worse, if I feel it (then, it lasts hours, 'til I forget).

It's like, I'm not afraid of blood, I'm not afraid of needles, I'm afraid of veins, I just can't stand it and it makes me sick. And worse, nobody takes it serious or believe it and then I don't act by myself.

I've been living 10 years with this; this need to stop! It is ruining my daily routine.

Veins freak me out like hell!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I am not the only one. I'm 10 and I can't look at my moms veins :( It makes me feel sick looking at them and I don't want mine to stick out when I'm older :s

by: Anonymous

did ent no other people was like me i got problems with the viens on my wrist s and top of my hands tha stick out espescially in hot weather i try to cover them once i see them when doing something with my hands i cant stop looking its like o c d i have to keep looking till tha look ok but i could be there looking in the light or by a window for ages it drives me madcant stop i suffer from bad anxiety tho

OMG! I am scared!
by: Anonymous

OMG!! I thought I was the only one who was scared to look at her veins..OMG! even now that I am writing I feel bad..I hate thinking about my veins and I always keep my blouses with long sleves :( I am so glad that there are other people like me,I am too scared to tell the others about this fear but it's hard cuz I dont leave anyone to touch my wrist :(((

Afraid of my own blood
by: Anonymous

Veins, arteries, clots, all of these things I'm afraid of, but only in myself.
When I talk abuot it/read about it where it's a medical study or in class, I think about my veins and blood and get disgusted, anxious and have some difficulty breathing.
It doesn't help that i'm super skinny so when I'm typeing or when my hands are held low, the veins POP and BULDGE and it's the grosest thing ever so I often raise my hands so the blood drains back down.
Again, I can see a accident or a gunshot wound with normal reaction, but if i imagine my blood pressure or my veins I feel faint.
So good to have other people like me!

Thank God!
by: Elizabeth

I'm so glad that I found this, I really thought I was the only one. I can never find anything on the internet about it and everyone I speak to just presumes it's a fear or blood or needles, which it's certianly not.

I don't how this fear started, but even typing out this right now and thinking about veins is making me get worked up. It's not as though they make me feel ill or physically sick, I just feel faint whenever I see or think about veins, especailly ones on the neck, wrists and feet, but all over. I also start hyperventillating. A while back my mum suggested that I might need a blood test and I begun shaking and crying uncontrollably just at the thought of it. I just start to feel weak at the knees and panicked at anything vein related.

by: Anonymous

Ooooh... Veins bother me soooooo much. I hate all veins but the wrists are the absolute WORST!! I told my friend. That was a huge mistake because then she started rubbing her wrists and poking at her veins and I told her to stop but she wouldn't and she kept doing it until I started to breathe uncontrollably and after that I started to cry:(
I'm so happy that there are other people like me and I'm not all alone!

by: Anonymous

I'm so happy I found people like me! Think about this way we are the least likely people to commit self harm! Love you all!

by: descant

Thats so great that there are others! I actually hesitated to tell my friends because i know they will torture me about it. i told one of my friends once and she pinched the inside of my elbow until i nearly cried begging her to stop... i can't see how people can just touch veins like that!!! it kills me to think about!!! and its not even just veins anymore, in health we had to find our radial artery, now i am afraid of that too. (luckily it doesnt bother me too much because i can't see it like you can with a vein) Also, today my other friend told me that my hands were really cold, so she was rubbing them to warm them up. then she started rubbing my wrist and i freaked out and asked what she was doing, she said it helps the circulation to my hands and proceeded to massage my veins in my wrist. I ripped my hands away from her and told her to stop. it was a very tramatic experience and she didn't seem to understand at all....

by: Anonymous

OMG I LOVE YOU ALL! I Faint whenever i think about it, like literally faint! Bloodwork is impossible, ungh typing this right now is getting me lightheaded =/

the weirdest fear
by: Anonymous

omg, me and my friend have this problem, and we thought we were the only ones, because i am thinknig about them now my wrists have gone all funny so now i type weir, at school when somone would write on there wrists i would just cringe so much and litterally shout to stop and pull the pen away, then because i do this they feel the need to start poking the vains ARGGG, i also get itin my neck, and somthing totally off the toppic, when im watching a movie and somone gets stabbed somwhere like the ribs or neck of wrist, i cringe and then that part of my body starts togo weak and i have to cover my wrists by putting them jsut below my arm pits, strange!

by: Grace

Awh i thought i was such a creep for being so sickened by veins! It's not just like "veins are gross" they physically make me sick.. It's SO nice to find other people like me :) x

Me too!
by: Anonymous

It's so hard to describe it to people. Luckly most of my friends believe me and are careful around me if they remember. I hate it though that there isn't much information about it. I don't think it's even well recognized by the scientific community. One time, the movie, Saw, was on TV and I was watching it with my boyfriend. (Thought I'd give it a try.) A very disturbing scene came on, (not going to explain it) and I stared crying. I cried for a good twenty minutes. After that, I couldn't watch any more. I really wish there was more information on this. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. Thank you all for sharing!

by: Farrah

Oh my god I've had this problem for years and I always thought I was the only one. My friends also make fun of me by sticking their wrists in my face. It makes me CRINGE! Ahh I can't even look at my wrist while writing or holding something heavy.. it makes me die inside.

it tweaks me out!
by: daniella

i hate veins and i had to give blood work for the first time last week and i litterly grabed the needlw eight befor it hit me and threw it across the room! i couldnt do it! but i had to soo when i twas all done i stood up and littery fainted!!

by: Zoe

It's strange that I've never met anyone with the same problem, yet so many people have commented. people don't understand that it's not blood we have a problem with, its veins (i even hate the word).I also hate checking my pulse on my wrist and even my neck makes me feel sick sometimes.I think i have 2 phobias, one of wrists and veins, and the other of jelly fish ( weird tho because I recently got my scuba diving licence before my 14th birthday). I hate it when people tease me about something that I can't help.

Not the only one
by: Angela

OMG im not the only one! ok so i have been having this for two years now and i am 13 and when ever someone pretends to cut them selves play with their wrists do this weird neck thing gets their blood drown or even when I'm just thinking about stuff like that i go in to this panic state where i hyperventilate and bring my arms as tightly to my chest and get light headed. Today i had a really bad one in science class when we were direction frogs and we had to cut open the blood vessel -- i had to go to the counsel and she said i probably have a phobia or something so i decided i will look it up and i found this place and am glad I'm not the only one with this problem (but reading these comment really freak me out) But one time i had to get my blood drawn my mom had to drag me (literally) to get my blood drawn to find a cure for this desire i have called alopecia and when the put the needle in i feinted and when i woke up i screamed and ran in a conner crying

i hate veins

It's not just me!
by: Little One

I had no idea this was a phobia! I'm now 27 and since my early teens I've always hated looking at or touching the veins on my wrist or other peoples. This also goes for prominent veins on the upper arms, backs of hands etc.

The thought of someone pushing on the vein or restricting the oxygen supply is not good! It is also very unpleasant when you knock your hand against something and you can feel the veins 'crunch' (sorry, this isn't the best place to be so descriptive!)

I also can't bear the sight of Achilles heels (my own or other peoples). I don't like the sight of them being tensed or stretched. It all makes me feel quite queasy and disgusted!

My defensive reaction is to curl my wrists inwards and fold my arms or hold them against my body. I also have to relax my feet so the tendon isn't visible on my ankles (even if they are not exposed).

I have no fear whatsoever of needles, I just can't watch my poor veins being traumatised by things that they were never meant to be subjected to!

Not a loner!!
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy I'm not alone. People don't believe me. I'm very pale and can't even look at my own. When I type I have to life my wrists up so they don't press down. I get so so squeamish!! People laugh at me and stick out their wrists then I cry. It's so uncool :( But I'm so happy I'm not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

... Uck.
by: Katlyn

I'm very pleased I'm not the only one, of course, but do y'all really have to creep the rest of us out? ;) I'm a 14 year old girl, and I've noticed a lot of other 14 year olds... Odd, yes? Well, my fear isn't extreme, but I am creepped out/disgusted by the veins under my wrist, somewhat on the inside of m elbow.

Despite my earlier comment, I feel like saying this: I have no idea where my fear orignated, but I'm most freaked out by a knife slicing a vein. I'm protected now, though, with my forearms pressed to my pillow.

Needles bother me only because they puncture veins. Cockroaches bother me because a 'giant' one flew into my face when I was really young. I don't like bugs with stingers because I was stung on my foot. So where did this come from? 3: The others I can deal with. This and one other, I'd like to get over. The other happens to be neck exposure, for the same reason as veins.

Let's brainstorm a way!... I've heard research helps, but it's the thought of blood pouring down my arm- okay. Y'all get the picture. And we see them enough, very close up, so exposure doesn't help. What now..?

How I got over My Phobia of wrist
by: Daphne

Okay so a second ago i was VERY afraid of people touching my wrist. But then i remembered why This fear started and it was from this girl who sliced her wrist with a razor or something sharp, whatever. So a year ago i tried to start cutting- not deep just "scratching" and I kinda got over my fear. I'm not saying for you guys to do that! Then just right now i was touching my wrist and It doesn't bother me anymore!! It's just the thought of an iV in my vein that slightly bother me. But my fears are GONE. The only way to get over your phobia is to track down why it bothered you in the first place && then stop thinking negative things about the veins/wrist. It's just what it is..I learned to accept it :))

I faint all the time as a result !
by: Mayar

I faint on the sight of blood not needles as long as it inserts fluids to my body not take it from my veins.I used to get scared of passing out when I was a kid but now I'm used to it all the time even my friends just carry me & give me water or food to regain mu consciousness. I once fainted when I looked at the veins under my tongue in the mirror my brother & mother made fun of me cause they thought I was afraid of anything bloody or surgical but now they know it's a subconsciousness thingy :)

Fear of veins, wrists and inner elbow.
by: Cat

I have just been researching my phobias... and the main ones are veins, wrists, inner elbows, needles and blood. I don't really know how it all started.

When I look at my own or someone elses wrists, I feel queasy. I hate having my wrists exposed when I sleep because I fear them being slashed open by someone (even that sentence makes me quiver). I want to get a tattoo on my inner arm, but I know I can't face it. (I have a fear of needles but love tattoos. I fainted during my first one).

I'm actually surprised as to how many people share the same fear as me.

by: iluvtunechi

when someone tells me some thing discusting or if i see something that grosses me out my wrists ache ... why does this happen?

veins especially wrists
by: Anonymous

Im 15 and I have a phobia of veins. Im not sure how it started but I just hate them. The ones in your wrists are the worst I cant look or touch them and if I see someone elses I make them turn their wrist around. The thought of someone cutting their wrists physically makes me want to be sick. Whenever I see, hear or think about veins I start going slightly dizzy and get a pain in my wrist. All my friends think its weird but im glad there is others like this. Also veins in necks and mens muscles=ew.

by: Anonymous

I'm glad I'm not the only one! For the longest time I'd tell people I had a fear of needles which I knew wasn't quite true as I've never taken issue when I've been pierced,or tatooed, or even while sewing. When I finally realized what my real issue was and expressed this, I experienced the same thing from others - that it was all just a laugh.

I guess my fear isn't as strong as some of you guys, I'm not freaked about being touched at the wrist - more my inner elbow. And when I think about blood in my veins my arms and hands go tingly...ugh!

I don't really obsess about the lifeline issue, but the thought of these jumbles of stringy things in our body. It's impossible to explain, really - how do you even get this type of fear?!

by: Anonymous

I'm the exact same. I started when I accidently scratched me sister too deeply with my nails on her arm a inch away from her blue vein and she told me If I scratched her vein it would open and she would die. I was so young back then that I completely freaked out. And now I'm still terrified of them, I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to get a blood test and I dreading it completely. Ugh, just thinking about it is making me cringe and my veins in me arms are throbbing. I used to tell my friends i had a vein phobia whenever they asked what I was scared of, and you know what they do every time, they pull out their wrists, they all look at their veins and then shove them into my face, as I cringe and start hyperventalating. Like how horrible is that. What friends, I know. So know I don't tell anyone. It'll be better that way.

Wow, I seriously thought I was alone.
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue (as most of you). It DOES make me lightheaded, it does make me wanna gag, makes me shiver. I mean, I only drink water and that doesn't help my phobia at all! It just makes my veins pop out and it's nasty. I try and avoid keeping my arms down because that's when they usually come out and I've had some horrible experiences with my wrist veins and I'm not completely comfortable with 'em. And I get it. They are our life support so if I catch someone going near 'em with ANYTHING I freak. I start to get queezy and it's not pretty. So now that I see all these comments I'm pretty much thankful for not being alone in this situation but also, getting kinda lightheaded just by thinking about it.

hellpp me
by: Anonymous

i have this really weird thing about my wrists, everytime someone even mentions wrists i feel sick. For example, i was in science the other week and we had to check our pulses on our wrists, and i was gaging when my friend tried to find mine. i really dont know what it is, but it freaks me out really bady.i dont know what it is, but its really starting to bug me now. i think it started when my friend was self harming, ive never spoken to anyone about it, so i couldnt really get over my fear.

by: Anonymous

My friends always try to freak me out by pulling up my sleeve so I can see my wrist. I don't even like to lift things up because then my sleeves slide down and I see the little blue lines. It doesn't help that I'm pretty white, which makes them stick out more. I keep my arms at my sides or tucked together whenever I can. Veins just scare me to death.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I hate having to look at my veins under my wrist too!
I can't stand holding something heavy because they then stick out!

by: Skyee

Its amazing finding you all, i've actually felt like the biggest freak.
I hate veins. They make me want to gag just thinking about them. Reading all your comments makes my veins literally ache.
I hate it when i tell someone about it and they just laugh and pull out their effing wrists, and what not, like come on guys, it's not funny, you don't understand. Veins are our life support and anything going near them or touching them just freaks me out. I don't care if they're there, just as long as i can't see them or feel them. To all of you guys complaining about blood tests, i get you. i had my first blood test yesterday and it was probably the most scariest experience of my life. You just have to suck it up and distract yourself in every way possible. It's only bad if you think about that thing being in your vein. Also i've heard asking for a butterfly needle helps or something. Definitely give that ago you brave soldiers.

I cant belive it there are others with the same problem
by: Anonymous

i cant bare the thought of someone touching the bottom part of my wrists or when i see things like ivs i get the most grossed out beyond belife my friends find it so weird. i am so glad there are others who feel the same way

by: danielle

I cant even look at my own wrists, it grosses me out! My friends try to make fun of me by putting their wrists in my face and i have to close my eyes and cringe. I pass out when getting blood taken. It's horrible, at least i know there are more people who feel just as bad about it!

by: Anonymous

me to it makes me feel sick

I felt so alone
by: Angela

My doctor's and nurses never understood that it's not the needle I'm afraid of. I am heavily tattooed.. so I'm not bothered by them. But ever since I was a little girl.. just the thought of someone touching.. brushing against my inner wrists or elbows makes me nauseous. I got sick to my stomach reading the other stories on here, but it really was nice to know I"m not a freak. No one I know understands it. Thank you all for sharing too.

Me too.
by: Anonymous

I always felt like I was alone. Nobody understands it. I can't bear to even touch my own wrist. How sad is that? I feel pain in my wrist when someone brushes against it . Or even when they touch their OWN wrist. I hate this. Why can't it go away? I want to be normal. :(

by: Molly

I'm so surprised to find this! My friends always grab my wrists... they think it's funny that I jerk around and kick the air.

I've never had a blood test in my life. I'm 14. I just flat out refused at the doctors, and after 6 nurses couldn't hold me down, they just gave up.

I thought I was alone too!
by: Anonymous

Wowww! I?ve just come across this site. I?ve always thought must be the only person in the world with this problem. And at last I find there really are other people with it. These comments agree so much with the feelings I had about veins when I was a boy. When I first noticed visible veins on my wrists I found it excruciatingly embarrassing. I could not bear for anyone to see them. I thought it was terrible that veins should be visible on people. I really identify with the people who hide their wrists to stop people seeing them. Then it got worse when I noticed veins actually standing out on hands. I thought it was terrible that veins should be visible, never mind standing out. In summer my parents encouraged me to roll my sleeves up but I always refused because there was a blue vein showing on my upper arm. I have never been able to understand how nobody else seems to be bothered by them. And people might say that someone is fat, thin, tall, short, has black/fair hair, has blue/brown eyes, etc but they never say someone has prominent veins. How do they not notice? If anyone wants to comment my email is jim.jones468 at

Me too
by: Anonymous

This is honestly my only real fear. I can't stand the though of the veins in my wrists. I can't touch them, and just reading these comments I had to cross my arms and put my wrists tight to my side. I shake and cringe when I read, think or hear about it. Its not so bad that I feel sick or faint, its just really unpleasant to think about. I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled soon and the anesthesia is coming from an IV...I'm just going to close my eyes and try to ignore what's going on. My friend told me that when she got an IV they had to poke a thousand times because her vein kept moving...I did a full body shudder.

by: Anonymous

me too, I feel completely sick just thinking about it - wrists, veins arggggggggg

by: Melissa.

Wow, I thought I was alone too! I started to get tears in my eyes reading all the stories because I was so freaked out. I had to have a blood test one time and got so freaked (I think she was a little rough with the needle) I almost passed out when I felt the pop of the needle come out aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. People used to tease me all the time when I freaked out about my wrists being touched.. I can wear bracelets but I always have to touch my whole wrist against my body to make it feel better sometimes.

by: CEC

I read all of the comments before mine. My hands could not stop twitching, some of theses stories, I actually had to stop reading. To be honest my fear stretches beyond just veins, and wrists. I had a nightmare of getting paper cuts on my wrists. No one understands how terrifying it is. It is aggrivating. I wish I could just ignore it, but I can't. I am kinda happy to know, that there are others like this. It's not the blood, or the needles, it's the veins. Why? It makes absolutely no sense. One day I hope to get rid of this fear forever, and if I succeed I will make sure everyone like me knows how to get rid of it too!

Veins :(
by: S :)

I have such a phobia of veins. Ones under the wrist and behind the elbow in particular, but I hate when my eyes get bloodshot and you can see the veins & I hate veins that stick out on the back of people's hands. It's so disgusting, people think I'm crazy for hating them. I could NEVER donate blood. Ever. Even reading some comments here makes me feel sick. If I ever have to get a blood test I will definitely pass out. I'm even scared of being pregnant because there's so many blood tests etc.

by: Melissa

omg i thought it didnt actually have a name!! i just thought i was like, really anti-emo of something ^^;
butn then of course my friend had a fear of ants, and i thought it was weird, so my friend said that it's not weird cuz theres a phobia for basically everything. so only now did i remember that, so i looked it up.
and what do you know? more ppl have it. i thought it was just me since all my friends just look at me funny when i say that ^^;
bbut my friends are jerks!! when i told them they just started touching their wrists and squeezing them and stratching them and... ugh i dont like to think about it even now!! and i guess it serious, since when they started doing that i put my hands over my face and screamed. but they thoguht it was funny, so one jerk gtrabbed my wrist and squeezed. i got so freaked out that i turned around and slapped him right across his face as hard as i could. and worse, it was during a break we were having in class. well, at least no one messes with their veins in front of me anymore. that guy had a mark on his face for a week.
but enough of my wramblings, what can i do to get over it?? i mean, it really sucks! anyone have any tips? ty for helping n stuff :)

by: Anonymous

Omg i have the exact same problem, when i think about veins my wrists tense with spazzams and i feel like i want to cry.

Blood donation
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone haha. Nobody i mention it to understands.
Ah, I suffer from venephobia too.
I've had it for a couple of years now.
Everytime i see, or accidentally touch veins, i feel sick and tense up.
I can't watch any movies with people using intra-venous drugs, as it disgusts me so so much :(
The blood bank comes to my school every couple of months, and for a couple of years I've just shivered and walked past it.
I donated blood recently though :)
I was hyperventilating beforehand, and sweating with fear.
When they put the needle in, i felt so grossed out by what was happening.
But after a minute, i realised it wasn't that bad. I didnt pass out or anything!
I still don't like veins, but facing my fear definitely helped!

by: Anonymous

Its so weird to hear all of you talk about this.
I get freaked out with my wrists and behind my elbow. When people talk about it or touch me there i feel weak,disgusted, and sometimes want to cry. Sometimes when im writing i have to position my pencil differently because i see the vein on my wrist popping out.

Its pretty cool to know im not alone. I just really wish i could get over it.

by: Vivian :|

I can't even believe it. I REALLY thought that I was the only person that was scared of it. Everytime I look at the veins on my wrist, I freak out. Once, my mother pulled me by the wrist with her nails digging into my veins. I found myself on the floor, trying to ply her hand off of my wrist, and crying furiously. I can't even type correctly, because the edge of the keyboard touches my wrist. At school, I never reveal my wrist. I would wrap my wrist up with bandages. I remember I forgot to cover my wrist up once and someone "accidentally" jabbed a pencil into my wrist and I didn't go back to school for a week. I tell my friends about this and stuff, but they never believe me. They think i'm faking it or just joking around. My friends are so apathetic to what I tell them. They just go and make fun of me. They used to always use their fingers to pretend to slice their wrist. And it would make me cry. It's really comforting to know that not only I have this phobia. :)

I thought I was alone!
by: Anonymous

I get it alot on the wrists, and find it hard to write etc, but does anyone else get it on the neck aswell? Or hat having
your neck or wrists exposed in bed or anything? I also have
to literally bend my wrists inwards to feel better sometimes. And when it's warm, I move my hands above my wrists so the veins don't show up. If anyone feels likes this then my email is . Yeah I know it's stupid to put my email up but oh well. And also I'm nearly 14 and I know exactly why I have it, because I had literally 12 blood tests within a year when I was 8, and it got worse from there. Thanks :)

not alone :)
by: Yumi

wow...i'm sooo glad i'm not the only one who is feeling like frends also tease me about it and nobody really understands my fear...

Exact same way.
by: L.S.

Exactly my fear. I'm scared of veins, especially at the wrist. I feel uncomfortable just typing this. I'm only 14 years old, but it makes me sick and mentally crooked when i think about or see the veins in wrists.

by: RD

I've always been so bothered by my wrists I can't handle having them exposed. My sister got a tattoo over hers and I can't even begin to fathom how someone could have a needle near that area. Even just typing this I got really uncomfortable and pulled my hands in toward my wrists as if I had a neurological disorder.

im not alone
by: Anonymous

im not alone! i dont get dizzy or anything but when i see veins i get really fidgety and twitch a lot i want to get over it but i dont know how to i work at a gym so i see veins all the time ive learned not to look but if i do i start to twitch its horrible!

by: emily

it is called venephobia. i have it.
it is so bad. i thought i was alone. these stories make me feel like someone actually knows how i feel.

I though I was alone.
by: Kate

I as well have a horrible fear of veins. I cringe when people even say the word. I'm terrified of the underside of my own wrist as well as anyone else's. Just typing this now is making me a bit queezy. It brings great comfort to know I'm not alone. None of my friends or family understand my pain. In fact they use my weakness to their advantage. If someone wants anything from me they merely stick there wrists in my face and I hand it write over. The feeling I get is horrible, and I'd be grateful for any advice on overcoming this misunderstood fear.

by: Anonymous

i feel the exact same
all my friends pay me out about it and pretend they cut their wrists
i had a friend who actualy did cut her wrist and i fainted
i get so dizzy wen anyone tries and touches my wrist

im so glad other people feel this way
i felt like i was some looney or something

me too!!!
by: Anonymous

me too!!!
i hate my veins!
they scare me half to death!!!
what phobia is this???

JADE xxx

Same problem
by: Anonymous

It's good to know I'm not alone in my fear :)

by: Abby

Oh my gosh i didn't know any one else felt like this!! Thats awesome. People like tease me and pretend to cut them self to freak me out it sucks but yeah now i know iam not "alone" i feel better lol now all my friends around me r looking up their irrational.

by: Anonymous

OMG My husband was teasing me last night about veins, poking at me, it got too much even though i knew he was teasing, i was in tears. He realises its a proper phobia now ! I faint at having blood taken, infact you are lucky if you can get me there!
But jabs into muscle i am fine with.
wondered if there is a name for this Phobia.

by: Anonymous

YES! Me too! when I think of people cutting themselves my wrists start to tingle. I can barely touch my wrist without freaking out. I feel sop embarassed. Its the same with that vein-ish thing on the back of your angle. omigod everthings tingling now.

I understand!
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm so terrified of veins. I had to have 5 people hold me down just to get a sample blood test. I have no idea how this fear came about, but I can't get over it.

by: Lily

I cant stand to look at or feel my inside of wrists of veins. I start to shiver and my breathing goes out of control. I hate all veins but it is worst o the wrists. It's just the idea of them snapping, breaking or... urghh! I really dont like them. I try not to get too hot incase my veins show up more.

Ok ill stop now im starting to feel dizzy :O

I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one who has this problem :)

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