Fear of Unknown / Dark?

by Snow
(U.S )

Okay.. hi. im Snow.Im 11 years old, and this is my fear/phobia story.
I happen to spend the night at my grandparents house a lot. so maybe this is where the fear/phobia started at. i dont know. but this one particular day i had been watching a lot of scary movies at my grandparents house. like five or six in a row. and it was almost midnight so i decided to go to sleep. (Im sorry if i leave some important parts out or make it confusing. but even thinking about it make me glance around the room nervously, just looking for that shadow.)
As i was saying, it was about midnight and i was about to go to bed. i ususally close the closet and bathroom doors (im in the master bedroom at the moment) but i was so tierd, i just decided not to. i thought nothing of it and went to bed. my grandma was in chicaco visiting friends so i had her huge bed tonight, and i was pretty happy about it. (because i usually sleep in the smallest bedroom in the house)
So i guess an hour after laying in the bed and wondering why i couldnt fall asleep i started looking around the room. i was thinking "maybe i forget to do something so my body wont let me go to sleep untill i get it done." what i didnt know was that it was my sub-consious mind alarming me that there was something freaky wrong in the room, i was just to tierd to realise it yet.
Suddenly my eyes dart to a dark shadow moving in the closet area. i got really freaked out. it felt like i was duct taped to the bed or something, i couldnt move. then my adrenaline (<- idk how to spell it sorry) finally kicked in and i zoomed to slam that door shut and the bathroom one too. i didnt even want to look in there, ~i mean have you seen the scary movies people come up with?~ that night i slept in the living room and the couch.
Also, ever since then i cant close my eyes when im taking a shower. and when i do it feels like something is behind the curtain... watching me. waiting until i open my eyes again so it can scare me, or just plain ol' kill me
Either my fear started then or my brain just then realised it was a fear i already had tucked away in my mind. i dont know, i would just like to know if someone else has had an experience somewhat like this. because, so far, even I think im CRAZY!
Thanks for reading. Please comment or share any simular experiences. thank you so much!!!! :3 -Snow

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