Fear of Underwater view,underwater creatures,especially Sharks

by Mary-Ann
(Butuan City)

I remember when I was still six or five years old,my father used to watch discovery channel and see these sharks swimming underwater,and I don't know but sometimes on that time,whenever I close my eyes to sleep,the same scene I saw on the TV flashes right before my eyes,and i get panicked and open my eyes. Also that time, I'm afraid to look at a pail full of water,thinking that some water creatures are under it. Now that I'm already 18 years old,things hasn't changed still,Looking at pictures containing sharks and underwater view makes me panic,swimming on a pool,swimming on the beach and even closing my eyes on a shower. I'm a medical technology student and we had this Zoology subject where we are told to search animals including underwater creatures and I find it really hard to study that subject for the reason that I really can't look at these creepy fish's appearance even on pictures. There's one time, I was searching something on Google Images,and I saw a shark's picture on a thumbnail , and I was really scared,I panicked,and my body was chilling and I cried like I was dying. :( I really don't know but no matter how I try to fight this fear,I just really can't. :(

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