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Is This An Excuse?
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend refuses to buy me jewellery or give me an engagement ring becuase of a jewellery phobia. I have to wash my hands if he catches me touching coins and he will not touch me if I have been in contact with any type of coin or jewellery item. Is this for real and what should I do?

Is This For Real?
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend won't get me an engagement ring because of a jewellery phobia. Is this an excuse or for real?

me too
by: Ellie

omg finally someone who understands this! I am the axaccctttttttt same WOW

Fear of coins, keys, and jewelry
by: Anonymous

Cool, you're from Alberta too! Anyway, I have the exact same problem, coins (especially pennies), keys, and jewelry disgust me; sometimes to the point of making me physically sick. It's been this way since I can remember. I only pay for stuff now with my debit, I can't stand cash and if I have to pay with cash I insist the cashier keep the change even if it's loonies or toonies. If I have to touch it I HAVE to wash my hands right away, the smell on my hands makes me gag.

I refuse to wear any type of jewelry, since I'm a girl people always find it very extremely strange that I don't wear any. I feel horrible when people give jewelry to me as gifts and I never wear any of it.

If anyone ever asks me hold their keys or a necklace I hold it by the tip of my fingers and try my best not to gag. I actually threw away a pair of gloves after holding my friends keys...
Anyway, I'm so glad I'm not alone feeling this way.

You're not alone!
by: Anonymous

I am so happy to read this! I am the exact same a tee! Is there an actual name for this phobia? Would it be considered a fear of metals?

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