Fear of touching and feeling of own nails

by Jackson
(Milwaukie Oregon)

To me my nails are basically, in a sense, sacred. I have troubles looking at them when there is stuff on them such as calcium build ups. Also other people touching my nails drives me INSANE. Also bad cuticles when people touch them I want to just die. I don't even like my girl friend of close to a year now touch my nails and sometimes worried she is going to touch them. I get very paranoid when I talk about it because I am afraid people are going to touch them. EVEN RIGHT NOW, as I am talking about it I am a bit skirmish just thinking of my nails...
This mostly happens on my hands and not really for my feet. But that might be because those are covered most of the day. Also a somewhat related phobia is toe jam. I will destroy my big toe nail just to get toe jam out.

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