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I feel ya.
by: Anonymous

I have extremely toenail phobia. I'm okay with fingernails, but i dont even dare to look at my own toenails. Im 19 and my mom is usually trimming my nails. I was in the military and the officer said i HAD to guy my nails myself, or i would be thrown out of the military. I managed to cut them myself, and that changed a lot. Now i usually trim them myself, but i have to "build up strength" and plan to trim them. Because of my fear of my own toenails (and other peoples toenails) i can't cut them perfect, so my mom trims them after i have cut some of them.
My phobia is horrible. I think about my toenails ALL the time, trying to defend them all the time. I dont dare to walk without socks, and when sleeping my toes HAS to be covered under the duvet/quilt.
Its driving me crazy, and when im on long marches i can't think about anything but my toenails. Me feet are pretty wide and Are often mashed to the side of the boots, and it makes me extremely afraid, thinking about my toenails mashed and crushed in the boots.

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