Fear of Tornado Sirens

I have been afraid of tornado sirens ever since one event. Before, I was not afaid of Tornado Sirens. Before the event, I was away and at a water park and they were testing the siren that was near the park. The first time, I was simply confused becuase I had never heard one before, and we rarly get as much as a funnel clound where I live so there are no tornado sirens. After I realized what it was, I was fine with it becuase I knew they were testing it. But that changed. It was mid-october, and I was on a campout with by Boy-scout troop. When we got to the campsite and were half-set up, it started to pour, like the rain could not be bothered to come down slowly. A few minutes later, a tornado siren went off and all the troops on the campsite went to the shack at the top of the hill. The siren kept going off for the solid 3.5 hours we were stuck in the shack, until it turned off and we could go out an hour later when the rain let up and the tornado watch was cancelled. However, the siren remained lodged in my brain, as when you are packed in a shack tht is about 10X30 with 200 other people, you cannot even hear yourself think and only hear the siren and constant babbling. The siren went off in my head the entire rest of the night, as I am foutinate enough to have a very good audio graphic memeory. After this event, I also seem to have a higher capicity to hear tornado sirens. Once, when we were driving down the highway(which was very noisy), I heard this fiant siren sound and jumped about 10 feet then wondered why there was a blue sky, all the time looking wiledly around for a tornado. About 5 minutes later, the rest of my family heard it as we passed the fire station. There was a fire somewhere. I am also not afraid of actually tornados, beyond the common sense part of it. Once, after I got the phobia, there was a really bad thundersstorm outside my house. Remember tht there are no tornado sirens where I live. We looked outside, and there was a funnel clound over my neighbor's house, and I looked at it and thought "That looks cool!".
Can anyone tell me what the fear of tornado sirens is caled?

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