Fear of Toilets over flowing/ clogging.

by Clarity Noodles

Hello, here's my story. I have a phobia of toilets clogging or over flowing. I have no problem using toilets in public, or at home, but as soon as I hear that gurgle or see the water hesitate for that second and just spin, my mind blanks with fear. Lke a deer in headlights I stare and shake, unable to do anything but cowar away, pulling myself into a ball. My toilet just clogged at home, it doesn't have very good pressure so I tend to throw extra paper in my garbage. I'm still shaking even though I waited a half hour before flushing it again, (which worked). I have to keep the lid up, lights on and leave the room. It's not coprophobia or aquaphobia, and I can't find a name on google, however, there are more than a number of cases of people being afraid, but they seem to have symptoms of different phobias, such as the one's I mentioned. I want a name. I want to hear a diagnosis or some sense of understanding as to why I have this fear. What is it about being in a room with the water in a toilet bowl being raised that puts my body into a shocked state, unable to comprehend anything but the urge to flee. Can anybody help me? Help me understand, and preferably overcome? Please and thank you for your time reading about my weird phobia.

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