fear of toes being pulled off(especially the pinky toe)

by Tara
(California )

So My fear started when I was a bout 4 or 5. My mom likes to crack the toes and fingers of her children even if they didn't want her to. She did it to my older sisters and they didn't care but I always hated it! She would hold me down and pop my toes it would make me scream and cry. Ever since then it makes me cringe if I see someone pop their toes or touch mine.. I can get a pedicure but I get it done by a good friend of mine and she's every empathetic about it so I trust her to not pull them. The other night my husband put our feet up to each other and he intertwined his toes with mine.. Right away I started getting really scare then he held on to tight and I could feel pulling I started freaking out saying no no no i couldn't move because it felt like my toes would all just come off. As soon as he realized what was happening he stopped he didn't realize what he had done.. I was freaked out crying for like an hour.. I have had my feet covered and toes curled up since then. I also have 2 kids now and the other day I was at my moms and she tried to pop my 5 year old daughters toes. I flipped out on her.. I told her that if she ever did that again she would never be allowed to see my kids again. I know that seems like a bit much but I have suffered with this nearly my whole life and I'm not letting it happen to them... Oh yea I also can't stand it when I accidentally stub my pinky toe it makes me cry

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