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Fear of throwing up
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and I thought I was alone on this!! It's actually called emetophobia. I remember every time I was in labor I would take a gravol because people usually throw up during birth. I feared that more than the pain!! I have a huge fear of getting the stomach flu because I might throw up so I'll take gravol and Pepto and anything else I could to not throw up. I even fear my kids getting the flu because THEY might throw up. I also have a fear of getting cancer because the chemo makes you sick to your stomach. I don't know why I have it but I can remember all the way back to when I was 2 and had the stomach flu and my mom rushed me to the toilet to throw up!! I remember every time I've had the stomach flu since. I walk around in constant fear I'm going to get the flu and it's worse now that the swine flu is going around. Does anyone have any proven cures? I don't know how to get rid of this and it's causing me to be in a constant state of panic!!

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments.
Any tips on how to stay calm while being sick? I am afraid I will freak out if I throw up.

i just wanted to put my experiance nd if it helps just one person that would be awesome
by: chulis

I used to have this same fear a really overwhelming fear of vomiting nd most of what everyone has posted on here about this phobia I have experianced I think that If u put this in gods hands . He will set you free this was really true for me god freed me from this fear that was taking over my life. God dosent give us the feeling of fear therefore we shouldn't be fearful. God bless nd just a bit of hope for those who have none. .

by: Anonymous

You know if you say to yourself I'm going to throw up over and over again you will actually feel worse. try telling yoursel I'm okay i'm fine. i have the same fear as you but a professional told me this so of course i'm writing this down to help you.

I hate this...

I am the same way! I mean, I have a spaz attack if my stomach hurts just a little bit!

But once I actually do throw up, it's just a slight discomfort......

So I am not alone!
by: Anonymous

I thought that I was the only person in the world who had this OCD/phobia/fear!

I am unsure of where this fear comes from, but I hardly ever vomit! I do get nauseated a lot, and it can cause a panic attack. I remember vomiting when I was young, and it wasn't so bad, but as an adult I am terified of the concept. I actually believe I could die from vomiting.

This fear was so bad when I was eighteen that I became fearful of eating and lost 40 lbs in ten weeks.

I have been treating my OCD with celexa, (I beliee my fear/phobia/OCD has caused my depressive episodes) and I have not had the constant nagging in the back of my mind that I may vomit at any time. It has helped.

But now I am experiencing side effects from celexa -- fogginess, weight gain, sleepiness, irritability.

However, I am afraid to go off celexa, as I do not want the fear of vomiting to return.

Any advice?


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