Fear of throwing up in public

It all started when I was younger around 6 maybe. Every night before I went to sleep I was terrified that I would throw up that night. Now I am 12 and it has gotten worse. This fear is holding me back from so many things I usually like to do. My dad and mom are divorced so every once in awhile on our vacations my dad takes us away to go skiing(February, Christmas). A few years ago I actually really enjoyed skiing and loved it, but now I am so scared that I am going to get sick in public that I keep pushing to stay home with my mom when my dad takes me and my sisters on vacations. Also I feel sick all of the time and I get really dizzy a lot. Every day when I go to school I get so close to calling my mom to pick me up and take me home because I feel so bad, and I get so scared that I am going to get sick in school, added on to that every time I see someone getting sick I automatically feel really nauseas and dizzy, and whenever one of my members of my family says they feel sick I get these huge panic attacks and run away. I also try to avoid eating too many spicy foods because I'm afraid they'll irritate my stomach even more. Oh and I got sick in Disney World last summer, which was horrible. I woke up in the morning at like 6 feeling really nauseas and then I started throwing up. I stayed in a small hotel room all day and my sisters kept telling me that I was ruining their vacation. Even my dad started blaming me, I got so sad and felt so bad that I was ruining their vacation that I started crying. That night my sisters and my dad tried to force me to go to Hollywood studios so their vacation wouldn't be a total waste but since I was already sick and since I have a fear of throwing up in public I really didn't want to go. My dad dragged me in line for the Hollywood studios bus but I backed out at the last second and started to cry. I went out the next day but I was still not feeling very good and was really scared. I still have the fear of throwing up and I feel like it's ruining my life:( I just want to feel fine and finish up my junior High years happily!!:(

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