Fear of Throw Up!!!

by Kate

So, I am now 17 and for as long as I can remember I have been terribly afraid of others getting sick. I hate getting sick as well but it is out of my control as is other people. I hate the sound. I can't be near someone who is getting sick. I can't hear, see, or smell it without being nausiated. My brother and Uncle Dan just had a stomach virus and I was freaking out. It is worse now that I am pregnant. My Dad now has the bug and my Mom might and I am ready to cry. As a kid I remember plugging my fingers in my ears or pressing my hand tightly against my head. Now I put my head phones in and put them pon blast (even if I have a migraine already I still do this and suffer) I stay on a whole nother floor due to the fact of I don't want to catch it. I won't even use a bathroom someone got sick in for days after someone gets sick or I will "hover" I didn't know this was an actual fear until I looked it up online I might try the grape juice trick.

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