fear of things that was used in the war like a tank, or a cannon

(royal oak)

Here's my story my uncle paul lives in ferndale and works in the ferndale cementery. my cousins and i thought it might be cool to check around in there but what i didn't know was that back by the memorial area there was a cannon that was used to fight in world war 2 my grandfather harry e. saville the 1st used that cannon so it was in memory of him. my cousins saw it and ran over there and started checking it out. when i saw it i started to flip[ out i started to sweat and my whole body even my teeth were shivering. i didn't want to go. my cousins forced me to touch it and i ran away and even today i'm still scared of that thing when i go back there. i'm even afraid of tanks, airplanes everything that was used in the war that is now here...........i have nightmares of getting ran over by a tank.......CREEPY I TELL YA'......)-:

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