fear of things that are just too big

by kat

Let me just start by saying I'm probably the only person I've ever met who has this fear fear of things that are just too big or something similar.

you know how when you look at a lake, and sometimes you can see across the lake to another city?

that unnerves the living CRAP out of me.

once i went to canada for the stratford festival and we were touring the area when we first arrived, and we looked out over the lake and my teacher said ‘look, you can see new york’ and the fact that it was another country really scared me.

another time, i was in cape cod whale watching and we were going out on the boat and we had reached the very tip of the cape and the guide said ‘this is the closest point in america to africa’ and for some reason that just freaked me the heck out.

i have no idea what this fear is. at all. i don’t get it.

the vastness of the ocean makes me uncomfortable as it is but seeing something on the other side of it all is the worst feeling to me.

and i love to play around on google earth, but when it starts up and the earth is zoomed out and you have to see it floating in space, i have to type in a location really quick so that i don't see the earth like that. it makes me SO anxious.

let me reiterate: the DEPTH of the ocean does not scare me. the ORGANISMS INSIDE the ocean do not scare me. i'm not worried about something grabbing me and killing me or anything involving danger to my person. i just can't .... it bothers me. a lot. like when people swim the english channel, i don't get how they can do that.

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