Fear of Things in Constant Motion

by Kelly

I have this albsolutly crazy fear of things that never stop moving and will just keep going and going. At night I will absolutly flip out if I leave the tv on while I fall asleep to it. I have to put the sleep timer on to shut it off. I also can't stand the sound of running electricity which is another reason I shut things off.
I used to be terrified of the wind, I've now gotten over it, but the thought of things being blown by the wind for forever scares me so bad. Bad enough that I wish I could hide under the earth and never come out of my little hole.
I can't stand the fact that a car could just keep running and running and running, again somehting that brings real fear. I also freak out and have to get out of a car if it sounds like something is making a noise that troubles me and makes me freak out even more. I can't really explain that well, but it definetly has to to with things constantly moving.

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