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by: Anonymous

I have a phobia , yet I don't know what to call it... I have a fear in which I see objects or living things in my mind grow and shrink in extremely fast or extremely slow ways, and it scares me to the point of becoming dizzy or to the point of being immobilized for up to five minutes.. It's so weird...

by: Anonymous

I used to have the same fear when I was younger and in the morning I would usually wake up with a fever. My mom always told me that it was because of the fever but I would occasionally get it when I was perfectly fine. I would usually feel like I was inside a massive bed and I was like 2 cm tall and then the bed would shrink again.

by: Anonymous

I have phobia that is this year added to lists of phobia,but phobla of singing hasn't still got name.Sorry for bad english ,I am young And Serbian. ;)

I have the same

I have the same, when I was a kid growing up I used to suffer from this that I couldn't sleep without a tv in front of me to take my mind of it. Please email me if you ever find out what this could be it would be very helpful

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