Fear of things going in my ears!

by Laura

Hello, I have a rather weird phobia Fear of things going in my ears.
When I was a toddler, I was always shoving things in my ears and up my nose. One time, mum nearly had to take me to A&E because I put tinfoil in there on Christmas day.
Last year I had a cold and the doctor checked my ears out. They saw something that looked like cotton and said that they would have to take it out. I got nervous, and started crying when she put the tweasers in and poked about. Eventually, she couldn't get it, and sent me to hospital to get it removed properly.
The moment I sat in the chair and they showed me the sucky hose thing they were about to put in, I started bawling. Mum had to hold my hand while I tilted my head and felt the suction.
It was quite a nice feeling actually. Didn't hurt. But the thought of it makes me shudder.
The doctor told me and said that the cotton ball had probably been stuck in the bend of my ear for years, and the wax haf finally pushed it out. I nearly cry when anyone goes near my ears though! Is there anyway I can get over my fear?
(note that I have my ears pierced and do not mind putting my earings in at all)

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