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by: elliot

Im 11 and im scared of my veins under my wrists.
But im happy that im not the only one.
It all started since my mum said that if you got a cut under your wrist then blood will go squirting out hope their is a cure.

It gets so bad...
by: Calista

Im scared to DEATH by them. idk it was a real thing and i cant do anyting about it. I even have nightmares about ppl cutting them!!!! I need help :(

Veins disgust me
by: Kurt

When I think about veins in a wist, I get this imaginary taste of blood in my mouth and I get queasy and feel like vomiting.

by: TrueTealSteelAgent

I have the same phobia. Except i dont just get shivers... Im scared to death by them. Ive tried for years to contian my fear, ive tried to get used to them. It doesnt help. I dont understand why im so afraid of them. My friends dont understand, and neither do my parents, so i cant talk to anyone about it. I didnt know what my fear was called, or even if it was a real phobia, so i looked it up. The name is Carpophobia. Its kinda cool to hear that somebody has the same phobia that i do. Anybody else have Carpophobia?

by: Maddie

I have the same fear! I absolutely hate seeing other's veins, and even my own in my wrist. Once I even started crying just from seeing my own vein under my wrist. It gives me a horrible feeling. I even can barely stand to think about it! I just feel like they're so exposed and vulnerable. It's horrible.

me 2 xx
by: briana

I have the same fear! I feel ill looking at my veins and eyes how do I get rid of my phobia? I can't look at my moms tattoo because its on her veins. I feel left out and people show me their wrists just to make me cry! I thought I was alone but this fear is really strange... Briana xxx :)

Phobia of smashing my veins on my wrist
by: Jared gerling

I've had that fear since I was 11 now I'm 15 and it sucks!
Now I know I'm not the only one that has it!

Same here!
by: Random Person :D

I have this phobia too! It's only on the wrists though, and i'm glad it's only there. I still can't believe people think i'm emo! I've slowly been beating this phobia though which is good. :)

by: Jen

I'm getting tested !, I seriously want to die at the sight of veins, ahhh I can't even type this :(

Veins= ewwww!
by: Anonymous

I don't feel nauseous or anything but its weird like it feels like I am short of breath and I get light headed and this is a very recent fear. It's too hard to look at some of my friends because when they flex their neck I get scared.

by: Anonymous

OMG, its happened to me too. Actuallly recently this started happening. I remember being in school and i started freaking out in homeroom due to watching people turn pages and write and i could see a vein on the bottom of their wrist flexing. I got so queazy and started hyperventalating infront of the whole class and got very jumpy. I couldnt keep my eyes set on one thing. I got sick thoughts of people pulling out veins. Durring my first period, My teacher was talking when this kid suddenly screams "OMG you're work makes me want to cut my veins, MS!" and at that moment since i was still in the shock of what was going on earlier that day i burst into tears and started kicking everything around me. My teacher came to put her arm on me to settle me down so i started slapping and slapping. I was slapping my arms. And hyperventalating as well. I lloked psycho i bet. If i were to see anyone go that crazy, i would sure as hell think they belonged in an institute. But I guess I'm not alone here, and neither are all of you(: Don't be shy, guys. Agree, and admit. Reveal yourself. This is who you are. & thats something that needs to be cured eventually, probably pyschology to what i've been told. But hey, i admit it. I'm one, to say i do have venephobia.

by: Anonymous

I feel like puking when I touch it... it makes me sick. Looking at it right now it makes me queasy.. how can I get rid of this fear???

by: Anonymous

the phobia is called "Carpophobia"

oh my
by: Emily

it is called venephobia. i have it.

it is the worst thing ever.
i have passed out when people touch my veins.

once i cut myself there, and i cried and vomitted.

please if you want, ill give you my myspace..

by: paola

OOMGGGGG!!!!! im terrified of wrists even reading the comments i started freking out. all my friends make fun of me for it and even stick their wrists in my face to make sme scream. i fainted this one time my boyfriend grabbed me by the wrist

veins in wrist
by: joey

I fear veins in my wrists. i actually almost cut a vain their riding my dirt bike. it is very scary if you hit a vein in the wrist and pop it go quaky and seek medical help. But to think about it if you hit your wrist with something it will not pop. veins are very strong they only pop if you cut them! so do not worry if something hits you wrist!


I can't even touch my own wrists. THat is something that I could never do, or let someone else do! I know what you mean, I feel like I could just yank one out and play with it like a loose guitar string!!!!!!!!

I do too!
by: Maegan. x

Me too Love xx
Our amy.. (my sister)
Pushes the vains on her wrist cus she knows im extremely scared :P


by: Anonymous

Oh wow i have the same fear. I can totally stand veins anywhere else, but veins on the wrist just freak me out and give me the shivers. Does anybody know by chance what this fear is called... Some think I'm really weird bc i have this fear but its truly the way i feel.

I know a girl
by: Ana

i know someone with this phobia. Actually she is my best friend. Her name is Tia. I have to be extra careful not to do anything that might trigger this phobia. Especially because my goal in life is to make people happy, making her phobia go off wouldn't help me in that quest at all. But yes you are not alone in this phobia.

by: Erin

I have the same fear, and if i see them without warning i flinch, and sometimes if i see them to long i can't breath its strange...

me too
by: Anonymous

same here ive even fainted when people were just talking about them

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