Fear of the Unknown

by Emily

Ever since I was younger I always had a fear of being alone in the dark, mainly of what WOULD happen to me alone, in the dark. It might seem very strange but a few months ago I was in my garage and my father turned off the lights not knowing I was in there. My heart rate kicked up and I backed into one of the cars. I slumped down to the ground and started crying, my dad heard me and turned back on the lights, so naturally I ran out and into my room. I would guess my fear started as a child. My mother was sickly and napped most days, and my father worked until about 9pm.The area I live in has clay soil and the foundation creaks a lot. In bible study we were learning how the devil and his minions are everywhere and you can't escape them. I kept thinking that every noise was a demon coming to get me. So when I was at my house and mother was sleeping, I could hear the clock ticking in the computer room, and the foundation moving around. It had always scared me and even though I never watch scary movies, thinking of them freaks me out. Also, my step brother and sister attributed to this by showing me one of those harmless, "Hey! Come watch this!" videos, a scary thing popped up on the screen and I peed myself. One ting I remember that helped was after I watched the 3rd Harry Potter movie, the werewolf scared me so much, I couldn't sleep. The area we lived in had wild dogs that ran around I the trees outside casted shadows into my room. I remember closing my eyes and picturing the werewolf, I pictured him standing on two legs in a tuxedo. I made him a butler and he stood at my door the whole night and let me sleep peacefully, telling the other wolves not to harm me. I have other memories, but it's late at night and my heart rate's getting up there because even talking about them scares me...

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