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driving me crazy
by: Anonymous

I thought i was the only one with this phobiaphobia if i stay still and think about the earth spinning i feel like i can feel the earth moving. Its not possible though. Try to meditate or keep your mind busy it helps alot . Smoke weed c: helps block out stress and anxiety trust me

Me too!!!!
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have this too. I don't want to go to doctor incase he thinks I'm mad. I used to love the thought of it and laughed when i heard people were scared! and one day, I just snapped. 20 years later, and I keep wanting to be the girl I used to be. I think of suicide cos I can't think of any other way out this. I'm fed up arguing with myself and I'm not bad when outside, just when home, I picture the earth all the time.i guess we need to think, it moves around sun to let everyone get a bit of daylight. I can't believe you guys have same thoughts as me. I go thro times that it must kinda leave my head, but if it creeps back, It starts again. I'm so jealous if people who love space etc! I've suffered so much with worry about asteroids, comets, but I don't care about them now! The only peace I have is when I'm sleeping! Wish so much you guys overcome this x

Related topic
by: Anonymous

I feel like my phobia is related to this. I am suffering from a fear of the shape of the earth. I understand the concept of gravity and how wherever we are, we feel like we are standing upright - but I can't reconcile this in my mind. Whenever I see a straight hallway or large room or am on a highway, I always feel as though it is sideways and it triggers a panic attack. It is not as bad when I am in a small space. It also gives me anxiety to think that someone in another part of the world is standing up straight but at a different angle or even upside down. I feel like my mind is tricking me into thinking that I am upright when I am really sideways. This anxiety struck me about 8 years ago and last for about 3 months - like non-stop thoughts in my head. It has recently just come back and I am going to see a psychiatrist to see if there is anything that can be done. Has anyone ever felt or thought something similar?

no fear
by: Anonymous

I had a panic attack two months ago thinking over it. Since than i have been experiencing general anxiety. At times it gives me the creeps, sometimes racing heart. But since i accept the fact that the thing i am scared is the way it makes me feel not the motion, not space etc. , i am letting the thought in, scariest possible way and stay with the thought and the bodily sensations, understand them as feelings only and trust i am safe, it makes me feel better. I believe it is a kind of exposure as in CBT, luckily you can not avoid the situation so eventually it willlose its effect. At least that's the way i am experiencing.

*puts hand up*
by: Aly

I get this same fear too. As someone else was asking - I also go for periods of time, months or even years, without thinking about it before it hits me again and causes more panic attacks.

It's interesting that some people get it during particular hours - I think I get it the worst in the afternoon and evening. This makes me somewhat paranoid that maybe we are, as another commenter said, actually feeling the movement of the earth. I live in Australia so maybe afternoon/evening for me coincides with the times other people have it worse too - maybe there are a few hours every now and then when the earth is slightly faster or something?

Anyway, I found this website by looking up this fear when I suddenly had an intense panic attack over it last night. Although it sucks for all of us that we have to deal with this, it is a relief to know I'm not the only one. I've been having fears related to outer space on and off since I was a child.

by: Anonymous

I totally understand as I've had this since 4th grade when I first learned about the rotation of the earth.I also have gotten dizzy spells throughout my life which makes me panic A i've had a lot of depression and anxiety about this. If I'm not depressed it's much better, but there are times when I feel suicidal about it. Hang in there,it can get better or at least tolerable

Earth spinning
by: Amnotalonenow!

Phew - after about 53 years I now see that am not alone in this phobia!I waited a long long time to find soulmates who share this & feel a bit better knowing it's not just me!The panic attacks the telling yourself that gravity exists because of the earth-spin & everything else combined really makes you think you're going mad but the comments about the earth in relation to the universe on here - harmony balance & life existing on our wonderful planet did help a bit when reading.Yes -when we're depressed stressed or uncertain about the future it will rear its head as we know but just try to ride the storm of the panic attack or whatever & remember that there are quite a few of us able to share on the 'net now our experiences of this which does help realise we're not 'mad'!

Driving me nuts!
by: Anonymous

I've had this fear since I was a child. My parents said as a child I would flail myself wildly around and have fits in public that could quiet a busy restaurant. Later they would ask me about it and I would say I was dizzy. As I grew up I had it off and on. As I learned more about science and the rotation of earth, planets, the universe. I became more and more convinced that I could feel the pull of the turning. Also became bothered that we all think of our place we are on earth at any given time as level when most of the time it's anything but. Since in research I found science doesn't fully understand everything that comes together to fool our minds in to believing we are level or what gravity really is I begin to realize it is possible that there could be some physical abnormality yet in discovered in me that is causing my sensitivity to this. Then a panic sets in when I realize no one has ever heard of what I am talking about. I may be stuck with this panic about the subject and there is no way to get away from the turning as long as I am alive and on earth. Help?

Earth moving
by: Anonymous

Yes I also suffer from to think fear of the concept

by: Anonymous

Yes I can sympathise with you,I too suffer from this irrational fear.It is particuliarly pronounced when I am feeling depressed or anxious.
I find it better to think of the Earth as drifting rather than spinning in space!

by: Anonymous

Does anyone have severe depression because of the thought about the earth, I do. It sees to be a rather hopeless feeling.

by: Anonymous

Yes someone asked if you don't think about it does it go away and yesss it does! Its definitely something psychological and its crazy how powerful our brain can be!!! I started taking xanax and while it helped it was no long term relief. And its definitely more prevelant when there unstableness in my life. :/ its comforting to know others r going thru this too and I'm not alone :(

New I am not the only one but never expected that so much not the only one
by: Ukrainian

Me too. And most severe panic at night when starry sky is visible and spinning is noticed especially well. In day time feel much better. Sun movement is not so noticable. Prefer cloudy days when no sky objects are seen and spinning is not percepted. Hate fast-motion shooting of the sky, especially night one when sun and stars go round like crazy. Starting feeling awful. Read a lot what whould be if spinning stops one day.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you anonymous. I'm going to try and focus on that when I feel this way, b/c this is getting hard to deal with on a daily basis :( Thanks again!

It is managable
by: Anonymous

The earth is the perfect habitat for our species. We are in balance here.

Do not think about the earths rotation out of context. You in in a galaxy that is in changing. I think of it as the sum of all moving parts in the galaxy creates stationarity.

remember that mankind has existed on this earth for a long time, and this is a peaceful and welcoming place.

When a panic attack starts, try to focus on a task and calm yourself. Your fear is irrational, and it can be controlled by thinking of it in context.

Give yourself the context that there are billions of living creatures on this planet, and the delicate balance requires night and day. Everything is in harmony.

me too!!
by: Anonymous

I too have this phobia. It's so bad that I had a panic attack at work last week. And when I was in high school I would be freaking out and I wouldn't know what to do because I couldn't just up and leave class. I have noticed that it's a lot worse when I feel like I am in a space that I can't jet out of ie:school, work, the gym shower, fitting room at the mall. But when I go outside and look at the sky or look at tress or plants it calms me so much. I have noticed it's worse in the mornings from 9am-12pm. It has gotten so bad the last few weeks that I CAN'T EVEN GO IN THE STEAM ROOM ANYMORE! It's sad b/c I know I don't feel the earth spinning but just thinking about it makes me SO NERVOUS, to the point I don't know what to do and I think I'm going to pass out from the stress/anxiety/panic :( :(

by: Blackthorn

As no present name exists, I've also decided (for the purposes of trying to deal with it as a phobia) as Terrakinesphobia- literally ''fear of the Earth/Ground moving''- given that there's otherwise no applicable term. I wonder how many other people are suffering or would openly admit to being ''uneasy'' with the concept if asked- because currently this thread in this corner of the internet seems to mark the only evidence that this (apparently rare) condition exists at all. I wonder if other people would be willing to share experiences/stories to see if it's a series of different problems, or if people are having a shared problem that can be discussed. I'd also like to share my own experiences in the hope that they might help other people.

Another (me too)
by: Blackthorn

- there seems to be far more people than initially I thought- I've spent a while trying to track people across the internet who might have this phobia- but I found none. I thought it was JUST me, and that I was a freak somehow.
Do other people go through periods of 'forgetting'- essentially not thinking about it at all and being fine, and then periods of panic attacks when they remember? Or is that just me? I'm intrigued because there's no current registered name for this phobia, but it seems we're at least not alone.
Presently I'm going to a hypnotherapist to try and deal with this- and I'll talk about how successful or not that is- but the whole idea makes me uncomfortable and uneasy.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I've had this for years and it's still very disturbing to me
it's a bit difficult to talk or think about it. Good to know there are others out there, but sorry that it bothers you too.

by: Anonymous

I have this same phobia and it causes lots of anxiety and panic attacks. I hate thinking about it. I wish someone had an answer. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks about this. I think if I were to tell anyone about it they would think I'm nuts!

i don't know what it's called but I have it
by: Anonymous

I am 15 and know exactly what you mean. i've been suffering the same thing for 3 years now. unfortunately I do not have any answers. it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who has this issue.

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