Ways To Dispel The Fear Of The Lord

Fear of the Lord is a problem, which not only causes distress to the countless lives, but also damages the peaceful lives of many.

Jan Heering

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The fear grips on those who are over sensitive to the wrath and rage of the Lord.

Theophobia can be defined as the fear of God or Religion, which causes anxiety and disturbance to both mind and body.

What causes the Fear of the Lord?
It may so happen that the victim must have experienced any particular incident where he must have done something bad, and immediately punished by the Lord, through some fatal accident or by death of some loved one of the victim.

Since the fear must have been triggered by any past incident, you always get a negative vibration whenever you confront any incident, which have link to that past incident and therefore you cannot get rid of the persisting problem. Emotions get attached to fear and turn the situation worse.

Nevertheless, the fear is triggered by the unconscious mind, which keeps on thinking that Lord will punish, unless you obey him always.

Symptoms of Fear of the Lord
The symptoms of fear of God are many, which incorporates rapid breathing, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, irregular heartbeat and overall feeling of dread. The fear can rob the victim's happiness and keep him apart from his dear and loved ones.

The Treatments
The only way to dispel the fear is by having control on your emotions and conquering the fear that grips your mind. But for the right treatment you need a practitioner who is an expert in this field.

In this way you possess control over your unconscious mind, which triggers the fear and link some positive feelings to it so that you can think positively whenever the fear starts popping.

Many people seek drugs to cure the severe problem. But drugs are not so effective in treating fear of God. Only temporarily, they do suppress the symptoms through chemical reaction.

But remember that all these processes can arrive with a myriad of side effects and eventually may not be effective.

The best way to treat the fear of the Lord is by the Self Help NLP technique.

Self Help techniques to Dispel the Fear
The Self Help Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques are reliable and effective processes to drive the fear. The fear grows in the unconscious mind and therefore you are the only person who can have best control over the mind and the negative vibrations you get from any incident.

Therefore, with the help of NLP techniques you can cure your fear, boost up your confidence, understand the reality and keep your mind free of the fear of the Lord. To sum it up, self-help NLP is the most promising option.

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Posted by Jan Heering
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