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by: Anonymous

I have always hated that birthday song ever since I was 3 years old. My aunt sung it to me and I cried my eyes out.

by: Anonymous

I cry when i hear this song! so embarassing! is there a name for this phobia?

Other alternatives
by: Anonymous

I know there are other happy birthday songs that are very different. Search the Internet or YouTube. Pick one you like and change your tradition!

I had a similar fear
by: Anonymous

I wasn't ever scared of the happy birthday song but, from since i can remmber to about high school I used to have a big fear of the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. I hated spiders and that song would always give me the willies and I would have to cover my ears or leave the room until it was over. I finally decided to confront my fear and now it doesn't bother me.

I HATE that song!
by: Jonny

Ever since I can remember, I have hated the sound of that song... regardless if it was sung to me, or to others. The first time I could remember the event clearly was at a birthday party for a fellow student in Kindergarten. She lived very nearby and I knew most of the kids attending the party at her home. I was fine and having fun until the first notes of "that song". I ran away crying when they sang and hid in their bathroom. My elder sister had to take me back home, still crying. What in the world is up with THAT?

Wow, I didn't think anybody else was afraid of this!
by: Anonymous

My 4 year old son is terrified of the Happy Birthday song. He really goes crazy when he hears it, but semi-ok when we(his family) sing it at home. At a party, his anxiety clearly starts when there is talk of doing the cake(he knows what comes with that). He physiologically freaks out, starts hyperventilating, crying, etc. What do I do about this. Not only is it embarrassing but really traumatic for him, to the point he doesn't want to attend a friend's birthday next week.I'm sure there will be lots of parties in the future. He starts kindergarten soon and actually a very happy and sociable boy. I would like to get to the bottom of this. Anybody else hear of this?

Happy b-day phobia
by: Elen

Aww come on people. I have a phobia on that stupid song. I am only 11 years old. Every year I had a Birthday party, my friends sang that song to me. When I had my party last year, I told them not to sing, and they listened! However, I had those blowers, and I told them to blow the song on the blowers to see what would happen, and it turned out to be the same thing as singing it. When I had my party this year at a local carousel and park,I asked them and the guests not to sing, And they didn't! And the scariest thing that happened to me about the song this WEEK. The whole 5th Grade was singing The ugly song durning LUNCH. I almost had a HEART ATTACK! Do you want to know why? It's that phobia. This song has gone up my limits. So now I will forbid the song in the family, because of the phobia that I have of the song. what do I like about the song, Nothing.I hate it, I hate it so much I want to punch that person in the face. If the writer is already dead, then horrah! thank you for listenin' to what I had to say.

I have that fear, too!
by: Tori

I'm 12 and I'm scared of the Happy Birthday song! I remember when I turned 5 and my family sang the Happy Birthday song to me. I ran into the bathroom and hid there until they promised not to sing it.

I had "happy birthday song phobia"
by: Anonymous

I remember being 3 years old on my Bday and knowing that the song was about to start and I remember feeling hot and angry about it and crying and screaming for them to stop singing.
Until this day at 35 years old I still have that hot sensation when the moment is coming. I believe that it has something to do with not wanting to cry and show feelings when others acknowledge you and a feeling of being not worthy.

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