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Common Among Armenians
by: Anonymous

Hi folks,

I can't even think about peaches or apricots without experiencing horrible goosebumps. The mere knowledge that peaches are in the room is sometimes enough to destroy my day. My two cousins and several acquaintances have the same problem.

My parents are Armenian, but I've been raised in Lebanon, where there is a large Armenian community. When I'm among Armenians and I ask friends or acquaintances or even complete strangers to cover peaches or apricots that are in my visual field, they don't even ask why. It seems that Armenian men and women know at least a few people who have the same kind of allergies against fuzzy skin.

I've been in canada for over thirty years and still difficulty convincing friends that this allergy is real. I work with drug users, and on Friday mornings I cook with my service users, and although nuts and certain potentially allergic foods are forbidden, I can't get fuzzy fruits on the allergen list. Indeed, my colleague today, who normally is extremely sensitive, had peaches on the menu. I had to leave during desert.

My theory is this: Armenians discovered Apricot (indeed, Apricot in Latin is Prunus Armeniaca) and must have by necessity developed allergies against the fruit and that allergy is being generalized against other fuzzy fruits and materials. I don't know about you, but I can't even touch velour.

When I was young, friends used to tease me about maybe not being able to touch anatomical fuzzy regions; thankfully, that never became an issue.

I am so grateful that you have this website. I can now ask folks who doubt me, to visit it.

Take care,
Raffi Balian

same here
by: k-lee

i have about the same thing, i hate raw cotton, velvet, and ect. i have had it since i was about seven. Does anybody know the cure?

by: Eri

All my friends tease me about it, it's not fair :/ for me it's peaches pears and kiwis. And cotton buds, eeeeeeughhhhhuyfgdrukjfgs hate them :'(

by: whydoiknowthisstuff

Haptodysphoria - An unpleasant sensation derived from touching certain objects.

Common with fuzzy things like velvet, raw cotton, carpet, peaches, the bottom side of paper plates, kiwi's etc.

you'r not alone
by: Anonymous

it's called Haptodysphoria... an unpleasant sensation derived from touching certain objects... fuzzy things like peaches, velvet, carpet...

by: Taylor:)

I thought for sure I was going crazy... We should have an awareness club. Lol.

I can't stand that velvet feeling. On jackets, or pillows, it kills me. I freak out even when watching someone else touch it.. Same for peaches, i think that's the worst because the feeling touches your tongue.

I have a friend with the same fear, but his goes even as far as cottonballs. It drives him crazy.

Any ideas on the name?

fuzzy fruit fear
by: Anonymous

I have this too. I believe the technical term is haptodysphoria, which applies to an unpleasant sensation resulting from anything with a fuzzy texture. Kiwis are the worst!

by: Zach

I have the same exact problem, even thinking about the peach fuzz just sends shivers down my spine. i dont know why and its extremely irritating. I've been looking all over the place but i cant find an answer.

me 2
by: Anonymous

i have the same phobia i dont no what its called but i cant stand the feeling of the fuzzy texture between my inger nails or around my skin i ge chills just thinking about it or seeing sombody doing it what is it called

13 years old

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