Fear of the dentist office

by Kenneht
(Norwich, CT)

I wanted to share my story with those of you that might have the fear of the dentist office that I have experienced. The last time I went to a dentist was when I was in my teens. I am now 43!

What forced me to go to the dentist was a face swollen the size of a basketball and a terribly infected lower molar. I had lived about seven years with a bad upper molar that was rotted with a large hole in it. Instead of getting it treated I packed it (for seven years) with over the counter cavity filler and didn't chew on that side!

I actually hoped it would rot and fall out on its own but no such luck. The fear was a combination of actual fear of pain and also fear of opening my mouth to someone that might think I was a dead beat for letting my teeth go for so long!

The fear was crippling and almost made me non-verbal. I decided to write my fears and concerns down on paper for the dentist as I was afraid I would be non-verbal once I got there.

He was kind and understanding and actually said I had pretty good teeth but to my shock and horror I needed four back extractions!

My fear turned to a numb state. I kept the appointment with the oral surgeon and he was also VERY kind and understanding. He prescribed an anxiety medications to get me there the day of the surgery and it worked wonders! I was sedated and was out in 30 seconds and woke up in what felt like 20 seconds (it was 30 minutes) with the procedure done!

I can't tell you how easy and painless this was. I have the usual minor pain from the extractions but nothing like the pain I had with the bad teeth.

I wanted to write this so those of you that might read it may get some courage to face your fear as well. I understand it and feel such empathy for those also suffering. I promise you it is not bad at all- or at least my experience was painless- and you will feel better and will be healthier when you are done.

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