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Me too
by: Anonymous

Don't worry. Your not alone. I'm also afraid of the dark. It started when I was 6 or 7. My cousin would always put scary stuff on the computer. But the scary things usually pop out when the room was dark. So I was afraid. But then my fear faded away. But now (I'm 12 right now) my fear came back. I'm sooooo afraid of the dark. I just like HAVE to sleep with the lights on.

fear of the dark
by: Anonymous

omg i have this exact problem! i sleep with my tv and lantern lights on all night and i get that hanging above me feeling and i cant look in the mirror in my room at night, i get anxiety attacks and scream and hallucinate in the dark.

To a T
by: Anonymous

Glad i found your post, this is me to a T. My younger sister and I always shared a bedroom and even the same bed up until we were teens. I was always terrified of the dark even with my sister lying right next to me. I would constantly wake her up throughout the night saying "sissy are you awake" or "sissy did you hear that" even tho she was the youngest lol. She never got mad at me either she would say, "yes Tabby im still awake" every single time. Even tho she wasnt really wide awake. lol Well our family moved into a larger home and we finally had our own bedrooms. I thought this was gonna be great cause i was older now. i was 18 at the time. Well anyways its was 4 bedrooms and 3 of them were upstairs while the other was downstairs, and of course i got stuck with the one downstairs. I never had any problems until that fall i had just found out i was pregnant, and soon after my fears started back and worse than ever. It got really bad after i had my daughter i would wake up to every single sound being a new mother it would freak me out so i would jump up and check on the baby in her crib in my room. One night i remember very well My daughter was only about 2 weeks old at the time and i was in mid-way sleep and awake it was about 2:30 am almost time for her feeding. and i heard her crying very hard and loud and i could not move my body or my eyes, they were closed even tho i knew for sure my baby was in her crib for some reason her cry sounded like it was coming from upstairs. Finally when i "awoken" i jumped up turned the light on to find her fast asleep. i sat there over top of her crib and cried until it was time to wake her up and feed her im not sure what happened but my mother insist it was only a dream. but it happened alot more after that. When i finally got my own place i NEVER experienced that again. and for some reason my fear of the dark doesnt exist now that i live alone. Just me and my daughter i am a single mother and i thought for sure living on my own alone would be the scariest thing ever. but for some reason i have no trouble at all now?

Same Here
by: Anonymous

Im also affraid of closing my eyes in the shower and im affraid of windows, well terrified actually but it sounds like your affraid of not being able to see whats going on.

like me
by: jess

This is like me. I also have a tv on or light and I am 16. I run up the stairs and I beg to sleep in my sisters room. The noises I can hear is floorboards and people walking on the carpet but I know its all in my mind. It scares me every night. My parents tell me to grow up so I give up with then.

The best solution for me although it hasn't took away the actual phobia is by having a automatic night light. It is censored so its on at night and in mornings when its light it turns off.

I hope this helps :)

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