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me too
by: carolina alvarez

dude i know just how you feel. I used to watch all those horror movies when I was 8. now im haunted for life, esp. by the little girl from the ring. you're not the only one.

by: Anonymous

your not afraid of the dark. Your afraid of them movies. Stop watching them

by: bob

u would not have the fear if u just did not watch the movie so u learned a lesson dont watch scary movies.

I know
by: Alex

I know exactly what that feels like. Late at night, I feel as if I physically can't walk up the stairs, even with lights on everywhere. It feels as if I am being restrained, and I feel faint, start sweating like mad, and my heart rate rises. I can often see the shadows moving and hear the floorboards creaking, although they aren't actually happening. I feel the need to look over my shoulder and behind my back to ensure something isn't creeping up on me. It happens during the day, even when I'm with people.

It's worse if I watch something scary.

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