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Nyctophobia means fear of the dark and it is quite prevalent among the young children who fear the darkness of the night.

The darkness stops all of us from having a view around, and for the children this implies that something scary should happen or something frightening is on the lurk and just at an arm's distance waiting to grab you.

When you cannot see and your mind tells you that something fearful is going to take place, it is really a hair-raising experience.

With age, children begin to see reason and they believe that there is no point in fear of the dark and that it is truly irrational and illogical.
However, not all adults are fearless about the dark; there are adults who experience fear of the dark and it comes accompanied with traumatic memories as well as nightmares. To get this fear of darkness out of your life, you just need some self help techniques Symptoms
When you fear the darkness, you show some symptoms, which include rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, irregular heartbeat, feelings of dread and nausea.

Therapies to overcome fear of darkness
Usually the therapies take a lot of time to cure you from this kind of phobia; someone suffering from this kind of fear needs quick treatment, but the therapies take a very long time to get you out of this situation.

And the worst part of it all is that certain therapies also require the person suffering from fear of the dark be exposed to darkness repetitively. This sometimes causes more harm than good to the sufferer.

If you undergo the right kind of treatment then fear of darkness can be done away with in just a period of 5 days; it only requires the commitment on the part of the person suffering from this kind of fear.

The drugs that are prescribed for getting rid of this fear often are accompanied with side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can tend to be very severe.

The drugs cannot completely get rid of this fear, but yes, you can get temporary relief from this fear.

Self help NLP
Self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is considered to be the fastest way to be freed from the chains of the darkness phobia. It is the key to restructuring your mental set-up and also has a better control over your feelings.

Your mind can combat the fear of the dark with the self-help NLP.

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