Fear Of The Bathtub

For as long a i can remember i have always had the fear of the bathtub. But it doesnt stop there i also fear swimming pools and hot tubs. I thinks its more of touching the bottom and sides of it. If i ever did get in a pool i would just sit on the edge and let my feet rest on a floating device for fear my foot might touch the side of the pool. I always imagine the bottom of the bathtub to be slimy and so i would never let the tub fill up. Even if i take a shower and the tub starts to fill up from the drain being clogged id turn the water off and let the water drain then get back to taking a shower. Once when i got chicken pocks and had to soak in a bath i made my mom put towles down them fill up the tub cause i was too afraid to touch the bottom of the tub. Im also afraid of the drains in the tub amd swimming pools. I freak out when i get too close to them.

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