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i am the same way
by: amy

I am the same way. I always tell myself I am going to get over it, and go to the bath tub clean it and sit in it. I just cant. Unless its a brand new tub. its very frustrating.

by: Wendy

Well-meaning but ignorant commenters here! If you think stuff like this is "not a big deal" and the solution is to "chillax," you simply don't understand phobias. We all have "fears", yes. And we know how to deal with them like all adults do. But if a fear becomes disproportionate and disruptive, it's a "phobia," which is a DIFFERENT THING. If you can't empathize with someone who has this problem, it's because you don't have it. That's fantastic for you, but please don't make other people feel lame just because you don't understand what they're dealing with.

same here
by: Anonymous

It's so embarrassing to admit but I have the same fear. I can take a shower fine too, but never a bath. There's something about the bathtub itself, it's like being completely vulnerable in this almost claustrophobic-inducing space. Cleanliness is another factor too. How do you get over something like this?

by: Anonymous

i don't want to be rude, but it's not a big deal.. i know it's someone's fear and everyone is unique but come on really a bathtub get over it, i always say be scared of man not things/animals.

Feel the same way!
by: Anonymous

I literally am exactly how you are. I was just googling a name for this type of fear, and I saw the link to this page and just had to read it! I CRINGE just thinking about being near
or touching the drain or sitting in a tub/pool etc. I can take a shower fine as well, until the water starts to fill up. Something in me just freaks out - it's hard to explain. Glad someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

don't let this ruin your life!!!
by: kari d.

since your afraid of bathtubs or whatever it is, that's going to make your life much more harder cause like your not going to be able 2 have fun! i mean, say you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and they invite you 2 a pool party. you just sit around and dont do anything, i mean what r u going 2 tell them?! that your afraid of the pool because it's slimy?! no offense, but i'd kinda not want 2 date someone like that. anyways, trust me. ive been in pools, bathtubs, any thing w/ water. u name it! and none of them have ever been "slimy" so just chillax! lol:) wish u the best!!!

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