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by: Anonymous

i also have a phioba called 'trypophobia' as wee as having a fear of tentacles. but, i think they are both related.

trypophobia is the fear of clucters of unorganised holes or cicles that are naturally occuring in nature such as lotus pods or also bundles of seeds like the ones found inside peppers.

does any of yous suffer from this too?

by: rebecca!

theyre absolutely disgusting. and those little sucky things makes it even worse.

by: yvette

i get reduced to tears when i see them.. its the sicky things.. uh god they make me itch and everything its horrible, i cant stand them... does anyone know a reason for this? because i really want to get over it

by: Anonymous

is there a name for this fear?? please help!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

Me too! I had a recurring nightmare for years that my brother turned into a tentalcled monster that then tried to eat me. To this day I still freak out.

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