Do You Suffer From
Fear Of Technology?

Technology means progression in life, therefore fear of technology is a kind of phobic condition in which the individual is generally afraid of progression or advancement in life and career.

Learn how to release fear of technology

In such cases, the individual feels afraid to handle several technical amenities like computers and other technological gadgets.

Some therapeutic treatments concerning fear of technology are extremely time consuming in which the patient requires to be frequently exposed to his particular phobic condition.

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Now, such a treatment method is obviously unnecessary and often tends to make situations worse than before.

You just need a few hours or less in order to eliminate fear and anxiety related to technology.

Fear of technology is also known as Technophobia, Technostress and most commonly Fear of Computers.

Such a kind of fear not only hampers your inter personal relationships with relatives and friends, it also deteriorates the standard of your professional quality.

The condition of fear leads to regular panic attacks and makes you feel completely restless and irritated.

Some of the common symptoms of fear of technology are:

  • Squatness of breath
  • Fast and hasty gulp of air
  • Asymmetrical heartbeat
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Vomiting and queasiness
  • An altogether feeling of dread and trepidation

Drugs cannot cure technophobia, they can only subside the symptoms temporarily. It is your mind, which has to be trained to make you feel more confident and focused in life.

The two most common form of technophobia are:

  • Handling a computer

  • Trying to withdraw cash at a liver bank teller rather than an Automatic Teller Machine

Technostress is generally caused due to a sudden change in environment. You feel relaxed and comfortable working under a particular professional environment and always try to avoid alterations because you are simply afraid to face challenges in form of changes.

Again, the main cause of fear of technology is ignorance. You are afraid only because you are unaware and uninformed.

In such cases, ignorance is never a bliss because the more you become knowledgeable the more you are able to overcome your fear of the latest technologies.

Treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP and Energy Therapy

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