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by: Kimberlee

Your fear is completely normal. Most guys go through this at a certain age and eventually overcome it. I had a guy wait seven years before he told me he liked me, and even then I asked him.
And don't worry, I'm a 14 yr old girl and I have a problem talking to girls, but I think that's mostly because all the girls where I live are stuck up. However I have no problem talking to guys, nor they to me. :-)

Best wishes!

I get ya
by: Emma H

Sam, your not alone I am a girl and I have the same thing with guys. The best thing to do is find a girl like you and get to no her well and try your hardest to remember you r not alone and probably on the other end the girl is doing the same. When a girl is quiet around you that means she doesnt hate you or anything it means they are nervouse too. And honestly its ok to mess up I mean most of the time girls think its cool how guys when they mess up its in front of them they just go with the flow or ok with it. So dont hide it and talk to girls the more you do the more you will become strong. And don't let one experinece take you down.
Emma H :)

Not funny
by: Alice

It's not funny at all, and I sort of understand why. I hope oneday you'll overcome your phobia. Best Regards,
Alice, North Wales

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