Fear of Swinging Objects

by Rachael

As far back as I can remember swinging objects having completely freaked me out. It started with wind chimes. I cannot stand them. I break out in a sweat, my pulse quickens, my chest feels tight. From there it's moved on to swings, hanging lights, really any pendulum behaving object. I'm in my early 20s now, and while I can function in a short term environment if I focus really hard, every time I go somewhere new I get incredibly anxious that I'll encounter something that sets off this panicky behavior. I'm about to move to another state, and I'm really concerned that the house I'll be staying at might have windchimes, or some other object that triggers my phobia.

My family thinks this fear of swining objects is ridiculous, and they have minimal to no sympathy for my plight. I know it seems ridiculous. I just can't help it.

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