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swinging terrifies me!
by: Anonymous

Im not sure how long ago this was posted but my entire life has been altered due to this phobia! And of course my family doesnt get it & no one else really knows. But inparticular a nice breezy day will almost instantly set it off. I cant even hear windchimes or I start to really panic & freak out. I get major anxiety if i'm going to a party cause there will probably be swaying balloons that i cant control. Ill actually start tearing up on the way there my anxiety levels go through the roof! My poor kids know when we go to the park, no swings! And it drives me crazy to the point that I have to leave if other kids let the swing go by itself... Anyway, good to know i'm not the only one & its an actual thing. :) Sometimes I wonder if accupuncture would work.

It's a real phobia!
by: Anonymous

My daughter has this. She is three now and ever since she has been able to communicate she has made it clear that swinging things cause her extreme distress. I not allowed to wear clothes with draw strings for example, as they swing when I walk. I have to be careful when drying her hair not to make the curtains swing with the dryer. Bags etc must be carried close to my body so they don't swing. I hope it is something she may grow out of in time, but if not I will do anything I can to help her get over this fear. It's a real phobia. You are not alone!

You're not a lone
by: Lorette

You're not alone. I have exactly the same problem and am struggling mentally to stay motivated in life. I'm 20 and live in Holland. I don't know how to make it stop and am scared of going to a doctor. I fear many things and places because of my phobia. I feel like I can't get a job and feel like crap nearly every day. I wish I could 'man up' and just be normal like everyone else so I can get my life together.

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