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i have this too
by: ellis

my oldest memory of this fear is my dad pushing me high on a swing in my garden when i was really young, i felt horrendously sick and started crying and not breathing properly. growing up i can't let the trolley chain dangle while i'm shopping (or anyone else's) and if the signs above the aisles are swinging from the ceiling i have to leave the shop immediately. light switches with heavy ends are my worst nightmare - if i hear the light come on in the downstairs bathroom i HAVE to get out of bed to walk down and stop it swinging even though i can't even see it. it's enough anxiety just knowing it's happening. i worry that when i have kids i will never be able to take them to the park because i couldn't bear to watch them or any other kids on the swings (or even worse when they get off and just let it dangle swinging around. the thought alone makes me nervous). i've had to leave the gym mid- session countless times because someone starts punching the punch bag and leaving it swinging around in between sets. I also can't stand swishing bath water and i get exactly the same anxiety feeling on a boat in the choppy sea. my boyfriend likened my reaction to an autistic child. i was sat down clemching my body as tight as i could, stamping my feet eyes closed and hands over my ears the whole journey. honestly it ruins almost every single aspect of my life and i'm turning 25, i hope to god someone somewhere can help me get over this pathetic fear soon.

by: Anonymous

This is a real condition, although I don't think it is formally recognized yet by the medical community.
I have had this since a very young age as well. Most people ask if I was somehow traumatized by a swining object when very young. Nope. Just a phobia.

I am the same
by: Anonymous

you are not alone. I have the same phobia and if something is swinging I have to go out of the room. I hope this phobia eventually goes away because I have had this phobia for many years and it is getting on my nerves. Today I was out at my friends house and something must have hit it and I had a complete melt down over it. I always thought I was the only one with this phobia. So I am glad I found this website to find out I am not the only one.

It's real...
by: Anonymous

I've had a fear for objects that hang and swing around freely for as long as I can remember. Since I was a little girl, everytime I see mall decorations or flyers that are hung to the ceiling, I just freak and can't stand it - can't look at it and become anxious and very uncomfortable in the most irrational way. I mean, I knew it was irrational even then. I can't stand windchimes either. I think they sound nice, but looking at them drives me nuts. And the feeling is real...

Fear of Swinging Objects
by: Mallory

I've had this particular phobia for as long as I can remember. My mom told me that when I was about three years old I would start panicking when the blinds in the kitchen would sway back and fourth when we opened or closed them. Swingsets are also big anxiety-producers for me. It's worse if I can hear the swings, because then it's not like I can't just look away. I have to remove myself from their presence. I've tried kicking this fear by swinging on swings when I see them, and I can go for about thirty seconds to two minutes before my heart starts pounding and I get very light headed and my anxiety shoots through the roof and I HAVE to get off. Same principles with see-saws. Another huge trigger that is probably the worst for me is clocks, especially those that have pendulums (such as a grandfather clock). The ticking alone is enough to set me into a fit of anxiety, but I am unsure if that is related to my fear of swinging objects. Helium balloons, wind chimes, trampolines, and objects that hang from people's rear view mirrors cause a similar effect for me, and always have. My friends and family could never wrap their heads around this phobia of mine and there is no "official" name for it, but it is very real and still effects me in my 20 years of living. Wish I could overcome it but I don't think it will happen.

swinging terrifies me!
by: Anonymous

Im not sure how long ago this was posted but my entire life has been altered due to this phobia! And of course my family doesnt get it & no one else really knows. But inparticular a nice breezy day will almost instantly set it off. I cant even hear windchimes or I start to really panic & freak out. I get major anxiety if i'm going to a party cause there will probably be swaying balloons that i cant control. Ill actually start tearing up on the way there my anxiety levels go through the roof! My poor kids know when we go to the park, no swings! And it drives me crazy to the point that I have to leave if other kids let the swing go by itself... Anyway, good to know i'm not the only one & its an actual thing. :) Sometimes I wonder if accupuncture would work.

It's a real phobia!
by: Anonymous

My daughter has this. She is three now and ever since she has been able to communicate she has made it clear that swinging things cause her extreme distress. I not allowed to wear clothes with draw strings for example, as they swing when I walk. I have to be careful when drying her hair not to make the curtains swing with the dryer. Bags etc must be carried close to my body so they don't swing. I hope it is something she may grow out of in time, but if not I will do anything I can to help her get over this fear. It's a real phobia. You are not alone!

You're not a lone
by: Lorette

You're not alone. I have exactly the same problem and am struggling mentally to stay motivated in life. I'm 20 and live in Holland. I don't know how to make it stop and am scared of going to a doctor. I fear many things and places because of my phobia. I feel like I can't get a job and feel like crap nearly every day. I wish I could 'man up' and just be normal like everyone else so I can get my life together.

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