Fear of swimming with fish/spiders

by Amanda
(Houston, Tx, US)

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm scared of swimming with small creatures. Nothing like swimming with a dolphin but like just regular fish or spiders.
I have always hated spiders and have been very scared of house spiders, but one time while swimming in a public pool I swam to the bottom and had my face not 10 inches from an enormous spider. Even tho it was dead it was still scary. I have always disliked any bug to the point of crying but spiders were and are just the worst. Even sitting here I'm almost in tears. Now about the fish part. I really don't like the look of medium to smaller sized fish I like fish-bowl fish like in a pet store but I would never swim near them. Anyway one time while swimming in the ocean I was hit in the face by a flying fish, now I think that's enough.
Mostly. For the swimming part is because I am actually somewhat scared if swimming in too deep water ( deeper than 6 feet ). I feel trapped in water when I can't feel the bottom (even though I'm only 5'3) but because it's not too deep Im not that trapped.

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