How Fear Of Success Can Ruin The Quality Of Your Life

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Fear of success is there in every walks of life and it almost invariably comes in the way of self-esteem and sense of responsibility.

This fear makes you feel that you are not worth of what you are getting. You feel that you won't be able to handle success if it is given to you.

The best way of getting rid of such a thought is to feel that you are a normal human being, not superior or inferior to others.

You have your own role to play in life and that you are also likely to face challenges if they keep on coming in your way of progression.
What generally happens?
When you become successful, your pattern of life is changed from an old to a new one. Thus, a lot of emotional upheaval is created in the lives of those who are always there close to you.

Remember, it is not justifiable to undermine your own personality in order to satisfy others.

When you are successful others may be dissatisfied, but this does in no way mean that you have to go on convincing and pampering others as if your success is your fault in life.

What gives rise to fear of success?

  • A change in your normal routine can definitely make you feel afraid. Success is always something unknown and unfamiliar which can indeed make you feel worried and tensed.

  • Success comes with its own demands and you have to try your best to fulfill those demands. If you are unable to live up to the expectation of prosperity in life then the result would be again the same – yes, it is fear of success once more.

    Attaining success is hard and maintaining that success is even harder. For this, you need to spend more time and energy. You need to stay balanced but that is not so easy.

  • People who are comparatively quiet and like to stay isolated are so afraid of praise and attention that usually come with success in life. They feel immensely pressurized because they don't know how to express themselves.

    You feel as if you are losing your identity with so much praise and attention.

  • Another cause of this type of fear is the fear of end. You have the belief that once you achieve success everything is sure to come to an end. No more challenges for you and no more success to enjoy.

    The road automatically comes to an end. Thus, you tend to become extremely unhappy and discontented.

What can fear of success lead to?
Fear of success can indeed induce self destructive behavior. You start wasting your efforts which is required to become successful in life. Thus, in the process you become questionable to others and to your self as well.

As a result you become less motivated and your life without an ambition leads you towards chronic under achievement and failures.

When you have fear of success you tend to think negatively in life. You become a sheer pessimist. It becomes almost impossible for you to visualize yourself as a happy and contented person. You also have the fear that your success in life can affect your popularity.

Everyone will start avoiding and neglecting you. You are in fact afraid of isolation, which success brings with it at times.

How to treat fear of success with self help NLP techniques
Yes, self help NLP techniques can indeed help for it is all about facing reality and gaining confidence in life. Self help Neuro Linguistic Programming brings about a change in your mental “construct” and you no longer feel discouraged and disappointed.

Such techniques will help you to control your emotions and sentiments in life and thus help you get rid of fear of success as soon as possible.

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Posted by Jan Heering
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