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Fear of success has to do much with self-esteem and responsibility. When you have this fear, you are doubtful about the fact that whether you are worthy of the success you are being offered.

You always have the feeling that someone else is more capable and that he deserves success more than you do.

Jan Heering

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Fear of success often makes you forget that all humans are equal in capacity and that your level of being better or worse is the same. You personally have several challenges to meet in life.

The lesson of life teaches you to concentrate on what you want and not on what you don't want or deserve. You are afraid of success when you find it difficult to stay focused and when your motivation and confidence in life is greatly affected.

Remember, such a fear is the main obstacle in the path of your success. You cannot prosper only because you are afraid that you don’t deserve either success or that you don't have the ability to handle success in life.

What Gives Way To Fear Of Success

  • You are afraid of success because you feel that success can make you face the unfamiliar and the unknown in life.

  • Success does not come alone. It is always accompanied by demands and expectations and you are afraid that you may not be able to live up to these expectations or fulfill these demands

  • You have this fear because you find it difficult to handle the stress, which comes with success and popularity. Moreover, you may find it hard to spend time and energy required for attaining your specified goal in life. In fact, staying balanced in life is indeed difficult

  • Some people prefer to stay quiet and peaceful. For them it is indeed a matter of worry how they are to handle the attention and fame, which is sure to come with success.

    Once you are successful, people will come to you for suggestions and therefore, you are forced to put up a different self all the time.

    In this way you are afraid that you may lose your identity and that your private life is sure to get disturbed

Fear of success at times can be dangerous for it indulges in self-destructive activities and tendencies. You lack the vigor to reach your goal in life.

You will be forced to lead a life without ambition. When you have fear of success, you cannot take decisions in life and you make excuses for not coming to a definite conclusion.

This makes you suffer from shame and guilt and thus you tend to do things, which you should not.

When you have fear of success, your process of thinking is constantly accompanied by chronic negativity and pessimistic attitude.

You are even at times afraid that once you are successful the people who occupy a significant position in your life will no longer be with you. You will be famous and forlorn.

Can NLP self help techniques genuinely help in combating fear of success
To reach to the top, you need lots of self-confidence and this is what NLP is all about.

With the help of this particular techniques, you can easily transform your “metal construct” and work to place yourself in a better position in life.

Self-help NLP procedures helps you get rid of your fear and build your self-confidence so that you can face reality in life and accept the truth that you too can be victorious without fear of success.

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