Fear Of Stupidity Phobia
Your Inability To
Express Yourself

Fear of stupidity phobia
Sometimes you are happy
At times, you are sad,
Sometimes you are afraid
And at times even mad

This is all about human characteristics. You are brave – fine no problem, but this does not mean that you can never be afraid. If you think it is indeed shameful to be stupid in life then you are surely suffering from fear of stupidity phobia.

Jan Heering

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Even the bravest and the most daring man in the world have gone through fearful situations at some point in life. Therefore, be sensible and try to rid yourself from your phobia.

There is a great difference between fear and nervousness. You may be afraid of a particular object or situation but being nervous is a form of anxiety.

If you are afraid of expressing your views, afraid of thinking, afraid of understanding and even afraid of knowing then no one can save you suffering from the fear of stupidity phobia.

You are so worried of the fear of not being able to express yourself properly that you develop a tendency to stick to the prejudices.

In fear of stupidity phobia the victim is even afraid to express emotions. “O God, what will happen if someone else comes to know about my feelings?” Mind you, this is not shyness. This is stupidity.

Those who are shy and coy can make use of their intelligence. They may be sensitive, but by no means abnormal.

How to rid yourself from fear of stupidity phobia?
It is simple. Just try to learn the art of controlling fears and phobias. Steady your nerves, clear your mind and prepare yourself to face real dangers in life.

Many people have fear of darkness, which is a mere imagination. Fear of darkness is in reality a fear of uncertainty. In fact, darkness prevails in mind and this at times can make you feel scared and uncomfortable.

Do you fear responsibility? Then once again you are from fear of stupidity phobia. In reality, you are a coward if you are afraid to feel responsible in life. Under such circumstances, you are afraid to express your views and opinions and you prefer to rely on other’s decision.

You always have the tendency to guard yourself and your interests and when something goes wrong, you can easily put the blame on others. You develop such a kind of fear because you are ignorant and being ignorant has become a part of your habit.

Quite interestingly, there is another class of people who suffer from fear of stupidity phobia and always behave unwisely by denying responsibilities and commitments in life.

These people when put to ‘do or die’ situations come out victorious, which is quite unexpected of them. They simply wonder “where had I stored my courage for so many years”? This self-discovery is the best way to get rid of your phobia.

Fear, ignorance and stupidity together form a kind of bondage in which one cannot essentially exist without the other.

However, when you tend to treat one of the following three as an integral component of fear of stupidity phobia the other two is automatically eliminated.

Fear of stupidity phobia can be best treated with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

What you have to do is to simply take up the suitable NLP program and try to locate the core of your fear and eliminate the unfavorable behavioral aspect.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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