Fear of stuffed and mounted animals

by jessy
(I live in the USA)

well I'm not exact when it started but every time I look see or even smell a stuffed animal or mounted

I freeze for about 10 sec and just stare at it or if their is alot I'm in this frozen moment for the whole time almost and for some reason I get this feeling like I'm stuffed upp and need water or somthing I'm still young and I hate it soo much I wish I could get over it but I can't and still every time I see anything or even a skin I will not eat or anything and it sseems like I'm traped in the house or building and all the gross stuff has got on me and I feel like soo grossed out I will not eat or drink untill I go back to my house and take a shower

And even after I do that I stiillll have that yucky feel all over me I mean is this normal for this type of phobia and how could I get over it I just hate to go over to my aunts or friends house and they ask me if I want somthing And I have to tell them no and I have 1 friend who wants me 2 spent the night all the time she has asked me like 10 time and every time I make an excuse be cause her house Is packed with emm what can I do help

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