Fear of stuff stuff under my nails / skin

by nikki

hello my name is nikki but when my fingernails touch scrape or brush against a soft cloth fibre such as corduroy suade or velvet i start picking under my fingernails like crazy and scratching myself until the crawling/sensations under my skin relieves or the thought of "there is hair going under my nails!! GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT, its going to burrow in inside of me!!" ....and also if i have a scab/open wound i see a hair or a clothing fibre stuck in it the same thing happens except i start scraching the wound until i feel pain and then i the releif of "ahhh. yes ive killed 'it'!" but i get really wired up if i have something (like a hair) in my eye AND I SEE IT im afraid its going to go under my eyelid, to the back of my eye, and get trapped back there and travel in my body for ever. i know those are weird thought but what does it mean (ps im sorry because my english might not be very well. i am from sweden :)

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